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Seminar: Topics in Environmental Health

Environmental Health in the Classroom

Kimberly Sweeney 2021
Keywords: conservation, contamination, plastic pollution, water cycle, water pollution

Humans and the Environment: How Water Pollution and Littering Affect Health

Chelsea Maher 2021
Keywords: engineering, environment, Health, littering, pollution, urban, water, waterways, world

Freshwater In Our World: Philadelphia’s Freshwater Supply and the Role We Each Play in its Future

Phyllis Hurwitz 2021
Keywords: climate change, distribution of water, hydrologic cycle, impermeable sources, philadelphia middle school science, urban watershed, water, water pollution

Where Does Our Water Come From?

David White 2021
Keywords: water, water cycle, water filtration, water pollution, Watershed

Seminar: Understanding Human Health and Disease

Staying Healthy by Participating in Dance and Sports: Ways of Exercise in Many Cultures

Meg H. Flisek 2012
Keywords: dance, exercise, Health, sports

Health and the Inner City

Nicole Flores 2012
Keywords: African-American community, diabetes, halth, risk

All About Germs

Melissa Freeman 2012
Keywords: germs, Health

Diabetes: Through the Eyes of a 9th Grader

Sue George 2012
Keywords: Biology, diabetes, Health

Urban Disparity: The Negative Health Effects of Being Poor in an  Urban Environment 

Troy J. Holiday 2012
Keywords: Health, urban, urban environment

Healthy Home Cooking

Jessica Langholtz 2012
Keywords: cardiovasular disease, diabetes, Health, young adults

My Body, My Life: A Sexual Health Unit for High Functioning Autistic Support Students at the High-School Level

Lorna Nation 2012
Keywords: Health, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, STI

The Politics of Food: How the American Government Contributes to Public Health

Meagan C. Rubino 2012
Keywords: Government, Health, Politics, public health

Seminar: Understanding the Process of Science and Evaluation of Evidence

DNA Replication, Transcription, Translation: What is the Difference?

Kathleen Tait 2013
Keywords: (DNA) replication, (DNA) transcription, (DNA) translation, Biology, DNA, Middle School, Science

The Plasma Membrane, Through the Eyes of a High School Scientist

Winnie Chan 2013
Keywords: Biology, cells, cellular transport, High School, osmosis, plasma membrane, Science, Scientific Method

Natural Selection: Understanding the Driving Force Behind Evolution

Alan Tso 2013
Keywords: Biology, Evolution, High School, Natural Selection, Science

Understanding and Experiencing Electricity: Helping Students Understand the Process of Science through Electricity

Sharon Mastrobuoni 2013
Keywords: conductors, electrical circuit, electricity, elementary, insulators, Physical Science, Science, scientific process

All That Glitters is Not Gold. Extending Scientific Thinking to Analyze Manufacturers’ Claims on Consumer Products

Naomi Mureria 2013
Keywords: Biology, Chemistry, Consumer Power, Environmental Science, High School, Physical Science, physics, Science, Scientific Method

Using Scientific Process with Child Development

Suzanne George 2013
Keywords: child development, computer research, early child development (birth to age four), Health, High School, project, rubric

Applying the Iterative Nature of the Scientific Process

Troy J. Holiday 2013
Keywords: Biology, hands-on, High School, iterative process, Science, Scientific Method

Genetic Engineering

Richard Staniec 2013
Keywords: biological sciences, Biology, engineering, genetics