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Unit TitleAuthorYear

Seminar: Visual Art and Society

Visual Arts in Society: We Wear the Mask –Visual Arts and Literacy Project

Samuel A. Reed, III 2006

“What Goes Around Comes Around: Body Painting /Tattooing in Societies Past and Present”

Sheila White 2006

Seminar: What is the Earth Made of?

Minerals in Society

Cristobal Carambo 2017
Keywords: Chemistry, geology, rock cycle

Volcano Folklore vs. Reality

Tia D. Larese 2017
Keywords: Chemistry, earth sciences, geology, volcano


Kimberly Sweeney 2017
Keywords: erosion, Science, weathering

Extracting Earth’s Elements

Eual A. Phillips 2017
Keywords: Chemistry, compounds, coordination, covalent, crystals, earth, endangered elements, Environmental Science, green chemistry, ionic, Math, minerals, molecular geometry, physics

Watch Out! It’s an Earthquake!

Monique Henry 2017
Keywords: Earth disruptions, Earth Science, Earthquakes, occurrences, Philadelphia School District of Philadelphia

The Earth’s Layers

Monique McCoy 2017
Keywords: algebra, climate change, Earth Science, Math, Physical Science, Science

Seminar: Who Are Those People and Why Are They Listening to That Music

Music and Social Activism – Introducing American Music and History to Elementary Students Through Protest Songs

Dale Apple 2011
Keywords: History, Music, social activism, songs

African American History as told through African American Music

Sue Christmas 2011
Keywords: African American music, American History, Media, Music

Traveling In Time Through Words: Lyrics of Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz and the Blues

Sydney Hunt Coffin 2011
Keywords: African American culture, blues, funk, hip-hop, Jazz, Music

What is American Music and Where Did it Come From?

Frank Machos 2011
Keywords: blues, Jazz, Music, Music History, rock

Exposing Primary Age Students to African American Musical Genres and the History of African American Music

Jennifer Paratto Motsney 2011
Keywords: African American music, hip-hop, musical genres, rap

Stop The Violence: Music is the Message

Regina Perrulli 2011
Keywords: African American History, Music, rap, Slavery, violence

Moved by the Music: A Musical Journey in West African and African American Music

Donna M. Rohanna 2011
Keywords: African American music, Culture, Music, West Africa

Oye como va: African and Hispanic Influences on Music

Diana Shortall 2011
Keywords: African music, Cuba, Cuban music, Music, Reggaeton

Cultural Music and Movement

Lorraine Bias 2011
Keywords: African dance, movement, Music, traditions