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Childhood Obesity: Eating For Worth Not Girth

Author: Deborah R. Sanchez


Samuel H. Daroff Elementary School

Year: 2008

Seminar: The Public Health Issues of Child Obesity

Grade Level: 5

Keywords: childhood obesity, good nutrition, information on healthy foods, overweight, physical activity, unhealthy eating habits

School Subject(s): Health, Math, Science, Wellness & Personal Growth, Writing

Childhood obesity is a growing national concern. Children who are overweight face various health issues both now and in the future. Our students need current and crucial information on good nutrition, and the importance of making healthy food choices, today. Prompted by the ever present “black plastic bag” that students carry their lunch in daily, my students and I often discuss unhealthy eating habits. Better food choices and adequate physical activity are two components that help to prevent childhood obesity.

This unit on childhood obesity focuses on making better food choices and increasing physical activity for my fifth grade students. I will explore with the students the consequences of unhealthy choices and the benefits of physical activity. This Unit: “Childhood Obesity: Eating for Worth, Not Girth” will enhance the School of Philadelphia’s Health and Physical Education Core Curriculum. In conjunction with concepts of health, this unit will also include aspects of math, writing, science and literacy skills. It is designed to last for two weeks with daily lessons of 30-45 minutes each.

Download Unit: Deborah-Sanchez-2.pdf

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