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Teacher Advisory Council (TAC)

Lisa Yau, National Steering Committee Representative

Lisa Yuk Kuen Yau 邱 玉 娟 is a 1st generation Chinese American and a naturalized U.S. citizen. At the age of 11, she immigrated from the then-British colony Hong Kong with her family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lisa has been teaching in the School District of Philadelphia for 19 years; she currently teaches 4th grade at the Francis Scott Key School. Lisa is a Teacher Representative for the Teacher Institute of Philadelphia since 2018, and a National Fellow of the Yale National Initiative (2019 and 2020). She has written curriculum units using content from origami engineering, modern poetry, modern essays, philosophy, evolutionary biology, and Asian American history. Lisa is also a Teacher Consultant of the Philadelphia Writing Project and believes teachers are the frontline researchers in education. She loves to present her students with challenging and unique programs like Poetry Inside Out, Need in Deed, and Fallingwater’s annual Gnome House Design Challenge. Currently, Lisa is a 2020-2021 Teacher Advisory Council member of the National Humanities Center.

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