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Teenage Obesity and the Problems it Presents for High School Students

Deborah H. Smithey
Keywords: Biology, blood sugar, carbohydrates, diabetes, Health, heart disease, Science, self esteem, stroke

Masquerading in Western Africa

Janice D. Williamson
Keywords: Africa, Art, Culture, customs, dance, Music

Tell Me About It: The Africa I Left Behind

Susan Bunch
Keywords: Africa, ESL, ESOL, storytelling, traditions, West Africa

What’s Cooking in West Africa?

Robert Sandy
Keywords: Africa, cooking, Food, food preparation, life skills, meals, West Africa

Strange Fruit – Metaphors, Music and Place – Jazz and Hip Hop as Reflective of the Times

Samuel A. Reed, III
Keywords: Art, Culture, hip-hop, Jazz, lyrics, Music, popular culture, Reading, social studies, society, videos, writing

Dance, Readings, Acting, Music, and Art (D.R.A.M.A.): A Study of African American Performing and Visual Arts in the 1940s – 1950s

Leslie Carlis
Keywords: acting, African American, Art, dance, Music, performing arts, Reading, visual arts

Paul Robeson, African-American Artist, and the McCarthy Era

Carole Chernecky
Keywords: African American, American Literature, Art, artist, Drama, Elgnish, Identity, Paul Robeson, social justice, social studies

The Harlem Renaissance

Richard P. Holmes
Keywords: African American, African American art, African American History, dance, History, Literature, Music, The Harlem Renaissance

Elizabeth Catlett, Charles White and the Taller de Grafica Popular of Mexico

Audrey J. Jackson
Keywords: African American art, Art, artists, Mexico, printmaking, social awareness

Celebrated Impressions from the Painters of Paris

Debra Migden
Keywords: Art, artists, Impressionist, Paris, society

American Expatriates in the 1920s: Why Paris?

Deborah Samuel
Keywords: American Literature, Art, British literature, dance, Harlem, Literature, Music, Paris, Renaissance

The Life and Work of Dox Thrash: An Expression of Identity

Pamela Toller
Keywords: African American art, African American History, Art, cultural climate, Culture, Dox Thrash, History, political climate, social climate

Shedding False Images Through Art and Poetry

John J. Grob
Keywords: bravadi, code switching, Identity, masks, stereotypes

The Story of Us: An Urban Fifth Grade Class Creates a Living History Document Through Memoir and Photography

Joyce Arnosky
Keywords: analyze, data collection, History, literacy, Math, memoir, photography, social studies, Visual Art, writing

Philly Girls Grow Up Through Memoir and Fiction

Barbara McDowell Dowdall
Keywords: African American women, American Literature, growing up, memoir, women, writers

Looking Through Others’ Eyes- Literature and the Double Self in the 20th Century

Laura C. Jacklin
Keywords: American short stories, American society, double-consciousness, Literature, The Souls of Black Folk, World War I

Recurring Themes of African American Folktales

Catherine Thornton Brownlee
Keywords: African American folktales, African American literature, Afro-American, language arts, Reading, symbolism, themes


The Black Press and the Philadelphia Tribune

Florence B. Oliver
Keywords: Democratic Society, Media, Philadelphia Tribune, Press, society

The Evolution of Law Enforcement in Philadelphia

Tim Woods
Keywords: Criminal Justice, Philadelphia Law Enforcement, Philadelphia Police Department, Police, PPD, United States Government

Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) Indians’ History, Culture and Food

Nancy Baulis
Keywords: beans, Corn, Culture, Growing of Food, History, Lenni-Lenape People, Philadelphia Region, Plant