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Meet Our Fellows


Maya Bhagat

Frankford High School

2022 Spring Enrollment: Soft Robots

For the past 12 years, I have been a teacher at Frankford High School. I am currently teaching special education, but during my time at Frankford, I have also taught biological science, earth science, and environmental science.

Since 2016, I have regularly enrolled in TIP seminars because of TIPs access to engaging, innovative professors that delve into relevant and current scientific happenings. My students and I need to familiarize ourselves with credible and succinctly delivered content as we interact with the rapidly evolving technologies of our era.

The most recent seminars I took part in were: Soft Robots, in which I gained insights on the technical details and applications of soft robotics in today’s world, and How Critical Elements Make Up Our Modern World, in which I evaluated innovation in renewable energy resources and the global geopolitical impact on systems. The content of these seminars will enable my students to evaluate their daily choices and practices. I have enjoyed my experience at TIP and look forward to participating in future sessions.