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Meet Our Fellows


Danina Garcia

Vaux Big Picture High School

2024 Spring Enrollment: Asian Meditation Traditions Past and Present

Danina Garcia is a National Board certified teacher in her 7th year working in the School District of Philadelphia, with a total of 13 years of teaching experience. Garcia is a graduate of the Philadelphia public school system. She has been teaching Vaux Big Picture High School since 2017 as an English teacher and reading specialist.

Garcia is currently enrolled as a fellow in spring seminar Asian Meditation Traditions Past and Present led by University of Pennsylvania’s Associate Professor of South Asia Studies Devin Patel. During the seminar, she has enjoyed learning about the history of different meditation traditions and the fascinating etymology of so many of the related words.

Although this is a new field of study for her, Garcia is eager to learn more and expand her knowledge base. At the end of the seminar, she is looking forward to developing a curriculum unit to help her students appreciate Asia’s rich heritage, vocabulary and meditation traditions so they can apply these practices to their writing and personal growth.