Meet Our Fellows

Name: Frances Wilkins
School: John Bartram High School
2020 Seminar Enrollment: Cinema and Civil Rights

Teaching is my third major career. I always wanted to teach but was talked out of it during college. I joined the School District of Philadelphia in 2005. So in some respects I am living a dream.

I’m currently in my first year of teaching at John Bartram High School. Although ESOL teachers like me are subject to transfer around the district depending on the demographics of the schools, I’m expecting to stay at Bartram next year. Yay!

I’m currently enrolled in the seminar Cinema and Civil Rights with Professor Karen Redrobe. I’ve enjoyed learning about taking a short film clip for analysis.  The films we have studied provide new sources of material to be used in the classroom. One highlight of the seminar was a visit from Scribe Video Center Director Louis Massiah. Also, the lesson writing workshops TIP provided were helpful in starting the curriculum unit I will be writing for the program.