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Meet Our Fellows


Jenifer Felix

Kensington Health Sciences Academy

2022 Fall Enrollment: Social Justice, Monuments, Museums, and Heritage

Jenifer Felix, an educator with 23 years of experience, is currently a teacher at Kensington Health Sciences Academy. With 16 years of teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Virginia Beach and 7 in the School District of Philadelphia, specializing in ESOL and Spanish as a heritage/native language.

Felix has been seeking a a way to provide cultural context for her language teaching. She had previously attempted to teach a unit on Columbus but needed more information. She found the perfect fit in the TIP seminar titled, “Social Justice, Monuments, Museums, and Heritage.” Impressed by the seminar’s timely and relevant topics, Felix felt a strong connection to the subject matter.

The seminar was taught at the Penn Museum, offering an exceptional learning environment. With personal tours and sessions led by professors, instructors, a Belizean professor of archaeology, and Mayan activists, Felix found the experience both engaging and enlightening. The seminar also included a tour of statues surrounding the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The readings provided during the seminar proved to be valuable resources for Felix in planning her unit, “Don Quixote, the Impossible Dream, and the American Street Empowerment Zone.” By integrating the seminar’s insights into her Spanish language instruction, she aims to foster critical thinking and cultural understanding among her students.