Meet Our Fellows

Name: Charlette Walker
School: Tilden Middle School
2018 Seminar Enrollment: Philosophy, Science, and Society

My first TIP seminar was Philosophy, Science, and Society which was taught by the exceptional Professor Karen Detlefsen in 2018. The program was so very rewarding and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with my colleagues each week to discuss philosophical theories and topics. It was easy to recognize how such themes could be used to teach critical thinking skills to middle school students. Part of learning to think critically involves grappling with challenging material, and if this material involves searching for answers to questions that adolescents are already struggling with, this creates a perfect storm. During this seminar, I worked on a curriculum unit entitled, “Critical Thinkers Are World Changers.” Students are challenged to wrestle with the philosophical themes of identity, right and wrong, truth, and ethical responsibility through the passages and novels that they read, analyze, and respond to. The TIP program has been a wonderful opportunity that I look forward to experiencing again!