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Think before you eat! A Kindergarten Nutrition Guide

Author: Grace Hollander


Overbrook Elementary School

Year: 2008

Seminar: The Public Health Issues of Child Obesity

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Keywords: childhood obesity, daily exercise, diet, exercise, fruits and vegetables, Health literacy, healthy eating, nutrition, obesity, self-awareness

School Subject(s): Health, Science, Wellness & Personal Growth

“Think Before You Eat!” is a primer of activities to encourage kindergarten students to learn about how nutrition and increasing daily exercise will impact positively on overall health and well-being. This unit is designed in response to the overwhelming obesity rates, reduction in activity levels and the paucity of fruit and vegetable intake that currently besets young children. The research illustrates that childhood obesity is on the rise and that this is coupled with a decrease in exercise, both throughout the US and abroad. The notion of health literacy may benefit students and parents as they increase self- awareness when considering what they eat and how much daily exercise they take on a daily basis.

Download Unit: Grace-Hollander-2.pdf

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