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Eating Kid Healthy and Exercising

Author: Daun U. Sandlin


Cook Wissahickon School

Year: 2008

Seminar: The Public Health Issues of Child Obesity

Grade Level: K-5

Keywords: Body Mass Index, children, diseases, eating right, elementary school, exercise, healthy bodies, healthy lifestyle, parent involvement, unhealthy diet

School Subject(s): Health, Wellness & Personal Growth

Children are neither eating right nor exercising. Various diseases are affecting them at an early age. This unit is created to provide educators with the necessary tools to make children aware of various diseases that are caused by an improper diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. The students will learn about the causes and symptoms of various diseases. They will know that foods are good for them and will keep their bodies healthy. The students will learn how to use a food pyramid and utilize it to create healthy meal plans. They will have hands on experience choosing and eating healthy foods. They will learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Students will engage in a vigorous exercise program. The students will create a vocabulary list of words and definitions that will be included in this unit. The students will develop smart eating habits. They will have a better understanding of diseases related to childhood obesity. They will be able to prevent occurrence of these diseases in their lives and the lives of others. They will also have opportunities to teach their family members to stay healthy. The students will understand the Body Mass Index. The students will work on home assignments with their parents to help their parents become aware of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Students will be able to shop for healthy foods on field trips to specialty grocery stores and see the options they have for healthy living. They will learn a variety of exercises they can do at home in a safe environment.

Download Unit: Daun-Sandlin-2.pdf

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