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Unit TitleAuthorYear

Borders and Doorways: Using Poetry of Constraint to Explore Boundaries and Possibilities

Sophia Renda 2019
Keywords: analysis, collaborative learning, poetry, writing portfolio

I Am UnBroken: Deconstructing Modern American Poetry to Promote Self-Actualization For English Language Learners

Lisa (Yuk Kuen) Yau 2019
Keywords: Emily Dickinson, long poems, Reading, short poems, Walt Whitman, writing

Wicked Problems, Place, and Liberation

Charlie McGeehan 2021
Keywords: Geography, liberation, Philadelphia Neighborhoods, Senior Project

Imagery in Action

Donna L. Jones 2009
Keywords: African American literature, african american poetry, Literature, poetry

Representing our Blessings on Pottery Inspired by Southwestern Native American Art

Allison Aubry

Following the (Food) Rules: Using Informational Texts to Teach about Food, Cooking and Nutrition

Tara Ann Carter 2014
Keywords: Biology, diabetes, Food, Health, nutrition

Food Chains

Melissa Freeman 2014
Keywords: Biology, Food, food chains, food science, Science

The Black Press and the Philadelphia Tribune

Florence B. Oliver 2006
Keywords: advanced placement, African American History, black community, media in our society, Philadelphia Tribune, social science, us history

You Are What You Eat

Christy Hartman 2014
Keywords: bioogy, Food, nutrition, Science

“You Are What You Eat”: A Nutritional and Cultural Analysis of the Foods We Eat

Amber Wilcoxson 2014
Keywords: Biology, Food, food justice, nutrition, Science

Allegory and America: Analyzing the work of Virginia Lee Burton

Kate Reber

Seminar: "But Mostly I Lie A Lot" - The African American Short Story in the 21st Century

How Does Media Affect Our Identity?

Jacqueline Adam-Taylor 2012
Keywords: Identity, Media, Recitatif

Picturing Our Lives Through Written Tales, Oral History and Photographs

Dale Apple 2012
Keywords: oral history, photographs, smart phones, social media, stories

“I Even Encountered Myself”: Exploring Identity Development in Literature During the Middle School Years

Erin Bloom 2012
Keywords: Identity, Literature, short stories

Fly Away North: African-American Short Stories of the Great Migration

Bonnee L. Breese 2012
Keywords: Great Migration, short stories, US distinction, US migration

African American Short Stories: Author Studies for Elementary Level Students

Sue A. Christmas 2012
Keywords: African American stories, Faith Ringgold, Jacqueline Woodson, Julius Lester, short stories

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: African American Short Stories in the Jazz Tradition

Sydney Hunt Coffin 2012
Keywords: African American short stories, Jazz, short stories

What’s That You Say Neighbor?

Lynn Gourinski Fahr 2012
Keywords: Civil War, storytelling, The Great Migration

Intentional Diction, Code Switching and Character Development — Oh My!

Mary Beth Grady 2012
Keywords: character development, diction, Identity, self-awareness, self-identity

Teaching American African Males Using Short Stories

Keysiah M. Middleton 2012
Keywords: African American males, African American short stories, short stories