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A Weighty Battle: Helping Children Fight Obesity

Author: Joyce Arnosky


Penn Alexander Elementary School

Year: 2008

Seminar: The Public Health Issues of Child Obesity

Grade Level: 5

Keywords: 5th grade, childhood obesity, exercise, food choices, healthy choices, healthy food choices, literacy, Math, obesity, physical activity, self-regulation, visual arts

School Subject(s): Health, Language Arts, Math, Science, Visual Art, Wellness & Personal Growth

This two-week, cross-curricular unit for fifth grade encompasses several disciplines: mathematics, literacy, and the visual arts. It is not intended to replace the School District of Philadelphia core curriculum, but to build upon and supplement strands already introduced. It is designed to make students aware that obesity is a serious problem not just for adults, but among children as well. It aims to educate them as to its causes and consequences and also teach them what can be done about it. The ultimate goal of the unit is to provide students with sufficient knowledge to self-regulate and make intelligent, informed decisions about their food choices and physical activities when they are out of their parents’ “sphere of influence”.

Download Unit: Joyce-Arnosky-2.pdf

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