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Effect on Teachers

Participation in the Teachers Institute of Philadelphia (TIP) has been shown in a recent study to increase teacher retention rates, particularly among Black and Latinx teachers. The study, conducted by Penn GSE Professor Wendy Chan and Research Assistant Kat Wilson, looked at teachers who were enrolled in TIP between 2010 and 2018, and compared them to like teachers who did not participate. It matched teachers by age, gender, race, and years teaching to minimize the effect of confounding factors. The methods and findings of this study are detailed here: 2020-08 Chan Wilson TIP_FinalReport.

Findings from TIP’s 2020 study replicate those of an evaluation published in 2009 and conducted in 2003 at the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, which is the model for ours, was founded in 1978 and is also part of the Yale National Initiative’s League of Institutes.