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Seminar: The Middle East Through the Eyes of Women

Film Literature of Middle Eastern Women: Explorations from Egypt, Iran, and Turkey

Bonnee Breese 2011
Keywords: Egypt, Iran, Middle East, Technology, Turkey, United States, women, world history

Reading Persepolis: Defining and Redefining Culture, Gender and Genre

Tara Ann Carter 2011
Keywords: gender, Iran, Middle East, Persepolis, women

Lessons from the Middle East: Using Technology for Protest and Political Activism

Zoelene Hill 2011
Keywords: Middle East, Political Activism, Technology, women

Middle Eastern Women: Their Lives in Harems

Sandy O’Keefe 2011
Keywords: harems, Middle East, Ottoman Empire, women

Gender and Law in the Middle East

Matthew Roy 2011
Keywords: foreign affairs, gender, Middle East, women

Women Writers of the Modern Middle East

Elisabeth Raab Yucis 2011
Keywords: Esther Raab, Middle East, Ottoman Palestine, women

Seminar: The Public Health Issues of Child Obesity

Phat Math

Anne Cherian 2008
Keywords: childhood obesity, eating behaviors, exercise programs, growth patterns, obesity, obesity prevention, physical activity, weight control

What Do Brad Pitt and Einstein have in Common?

Cheryle Jackson 2008
Keywords: 5th grade, alternative eating, childhood obesity, Health, journals, nutrition, obesity, population-based intervention, public health, recipes, Science, Standard American Diet, vegetarianism

Me—A Wonderful Eater

Catherine Cmiel 2008
Keywords: analyze, charts, choose good foods, classify foods, elementary school, food pyramid, healthy bodies, Literature, need, nutrition, nutritional games, want, worksheets, writing

Eating Kid Healthy and Exercising

Daun U. Sandlin 2008
Keywords: Body Mass Index, children, diseases, eating right, elementary school, exercise, healthy bodies, healthy lifestyle, parent involvement, unhealthy diet

Childhood Obestiy in America

David H. Adams 2008
Keywords: body fat, childhood obesity, daily exercise, fast food, healthy good choices, Middle School, poor diets, processed foods, science lab, self esteem

Childhood Obesity: Eating For Worth Not Girth

Deborah R. Sanchez 2008
Keywords: childhood obesity, good nutrition, information on healthy foods, overweight, physical activity, unhealthy eating habits

Think before you eat! A Kindergarten Nutrition Guide

Grace Hollander 2008
Keywords: childhood obesity, daily exercise, diet, exercise, fruits and vegetables, Health literacy, healthy eating, nutrition, obesity, self-awareness

A Weighty Battle: Helping Children Fight Obesity

Joyce Arnosky 2008
Keywords: 5th grade, childhood obesity, exercise, food choices, healthy choices, healthy food choices, literacy, Math, obesity, physical activity, self-regulation, visual arts

What’s for Lunch?

Rita Sorrentino 2008
Keywords: 5th grade, childhood obesity, Health, healthy choices, lunch choices, nutiriton, obesity, overweight children, school day food

Seminar: The Science of Public Health

Alcohol: Friend or Foe of Teenage Pregnancy

Wendy J. Hafford 2007
Keywords: alcohol, Health, teen pregnancy

Eat, Read and Move

David H. Adams 2007

HIV/AIDS: A Touch of Reality for Young Adults

Sherin Philip 2007

Living Healthy and Practicing Prevention: Immunization

Nancy Baulis 2007

Youth Giving Voice to the Obesity Epidemic: A Need That Rises Out of Food Consumption

Rosa Dubisette 2007