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Jim Crow and Apartheid: Walking hand in hand to the Promised Land

Stacia D. Parker
Keywords: African American History, America, Apartheid, Harlem Renaissance, political literature, South Africa, think globally

Can You Hear Me Now? – Exploring the Science of Sound

Rita Sorrentino
Keywords: acoustics, computer science, elementary school, hearing, language arts, medium, physics, Science, sound, speech, Technology, vibrations, wave motion

Atomic Structure

Stuart Surrey
Keywords: atom, Chemistry, college prep, elementary particles, Greek philosophers, laboratory experiments, Math, physicists

Physics of Music: Making Waves in a Science Classroom

Rosalind Echols
Keywords: hip-hop generation, motion, Physical Science, physics, Science, sound, waves

Cartoon Animation and Films in Literature: Intrinsic to Physics

Bonnee L. Breese
Keywords: cartoon animation, English Language Arts, film, film editing, literacy terms, Making connections, Math, physics, physics vocabulary, Science

Learning Physics and Math: An Aesthetic Approach

Moses B. Jackson
Keywords: 10th grade, 9th grade, Art, arts, create, dance, discover, explore, high school math, Math, Music, physics, think

Learning Science through the Sound of Music

Vijayalakshmi Karri
Keywords: 9th grade, amplitude, frequency, human perception of sound, Music, music room, nature of waves, Physical Science, Science, science lab, Sound of Music, sound waves

Kinematics (Equations of Motion)

Krishan L. Wadhwa
Keywords: acceleration, deceleration, diagrams, equations of motion, Graphs, Kinematics, motion of objects, Physical Science, physics, speed, vectors, velocity

Mathematics Through the Eyes of Physics

Anne Cherian
Keywords: 11th grade, acceleration, displacement, distance, Kinematics, linear equations, Math, motion, motion of objects, physics, quadratic equations, speed, time, velocity

African American Women Workers in 19th Century and 20th Century Philadelphia

Myrtle Bastien
Keywords: African American History, African American women, American economic system, poverty, racial prejudice

Discovering the Past to Preserve for the Future: The National Archives and American Economic History

Elliot Drago
Keywords: America, capitalism, Internal Revenue Services, National Archives, social studies

Child Labor in Pennsylvania

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: child labor, Gilead Age, Industrial Revolution, Pennsylvania, Progressive Era

Rock and Roll and the Record and Broadcasting Industry

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: African American Artists, Blues music, Music, Philadelphia, rhythm, rock and roll

Made In China: Early American Trade with China, 1784-1844

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: America, American History, American-chinese trade, Asian studies, China, globalization

The History of African American Business in Philadelphia, 1850 – 1920

Vicki Baker
Keywords: African American business, Philadelphia business

Why Are There Abandoned Factories in My Neighborhood?

Tim Woods
Keywords: History, Industrial history, Philadelphia, William Penn

Alcohol: Friend or Foe of Teenage Pregnancy

Wendy J. Hafford
Keywords: alcohol, Health, teen pregnancy

Eat, Read and Move

David H. Adams

HIV/AIDS: A Touch of Reality for Young Adults

Sherin Philip

Living Healthy and Practicing Prevention: Immunization

Nancy Baulis