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Food as Fuel: The Physiology of Nutrition

Author: Heather Zajdel


Philadelphia Learning Academy South

Year: 2014

Seminar: The Biology of Food

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: Biology, Food, Health, nutrition

School Subject(s): Biology, Health, Science

Education, specifically the broadening of food exposures and promotion of a thorough understanding of the molecular physiology that sustains the body and work, is the most effective way to keep our students healthy. This curriculum employs food as a lens to examine biological processes, as well as to refine articulation, literacy, and computational skills. Student engagement is sustained throughout this unit through multiple opportunities to nurture direct personal connections to subject matter and numerous occasions for kinesthetic activity and movement.

Though directly applicable to high school health and biology courses, because a “food as fuel” model of education is largely absent in our school district, the goal of this document is to provide a comprehensive approach to that physiology of nutrition that can be easily manipulated for use in most subject areas and grade levels.

Download Unit: Zajdel-Heather-unit.pdf

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