Patterns Here, Patterns There, Patterns Popping Everywhere!

Author: Tamar Magdovitz


Shawmont School

Year: 2010

Seminar: The Art and Craft of Problem Solving

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Keywords: patterns, problem solving

School Subject(s): Math

This unit on patterns is designed for a preschool classroom.  Problem solving techniques, such as drawing a picture or making a list, might be difficult for young children just beginning to understand the abstraction of numbers as separate from concrete objects.  Looking for a pattern, however, is a natural technique that even infants use to make sense of their worlds.  By recognizing, developing and expanding upon four year olds’ natural ability to see and follow patterns, I hope to carry over this skill to their developing mathematical concepts, and to help them apply this skill in appropriate problem solving situations.

Rather than only teaching patterns as a discrete unit, it seems to be more natural and useful to try to recognize and teach the patterns that pervade the curriculum throughout the year.  Within the unit, I give an introduction to patterns as well as examples of lessons using pattern recognition, creation and application through different thematic units and in different curricular areas, all building on the skill of patterning as a way to help children solve problems and make sense of what they are learning.  

Download Unit: magdovitz-unit.pdf

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