How You Gonna Keep’em Down on the Farm

Author: Sue Christmas


Cassidy Elementary School

Year: 2014

Seminar: The Biology of Food

Grade Level: 1-4

Keywords: agriculture, Biology, farming, Food

School Subject(s): Science

This curriculum will teach and promote agriculture, the growing of food, and its supporting sciences, as its primary goal. Philadelphia is one of the few urban municipalities with a high school. W. B. Saul, that is devoted to teaching agriculture as a career. With this curriculum, students will be exposed to agriculture as a viable career and occupation at the elementary school level. The importance of food and how it is grown will be explored. The sciences that support agriculture, i.e. biology (both botany and zoology), genetics, chemistry and ecological studies, will be introduced. Students will be encouraged to pursue careers in farming, veterinary sciences, horticulture and genetics.

Download Unit: Christmas-Sue-unit-1.pdf

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