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Philly Girls Grow Up Through Memoir and Fiction

Barbara McDowell Dowdall
Keywords: African American women, American Literature, growing up, memoir, women, writers

Looking Through Others’ Eyes- Literature and the Double Self in the 20th Century

Laura C. Jacklin
Keywords: American short stories, American society, double-consciousness, Literature, The Souls of Black Folk, World War I

Recurring Themes of African American Folktales

Catherine Thornton Brownlee
Keywords: African American folktales, African American literature, Afro-American, language arts, Reading, symbolism, themes


The Black Press and the Philadelphia Tribune

Florence B. Oliver
Keywords: Democratic Society, Media, Philadelphia Tribune, Press, society

The Evolution of Law Enforcement in Philadelphia

Tim Woods
Keywords: Criminal Justice, Philadelphia Law Enforcement, Philadelphia Police Department, Police, PPD, United States Government

Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) Indians’ History, Culture and Food

Nancy Baulis
Keywords: beans, Corn, Culture, Growing of Food, History, Lenni-Lenape People, Philadelphia Region, Plant

Neighborhood History through Mathematical Analysis

Ellen Clay
Keywords: Build interest in history, Build interest in mathematics, West Philadelphia

A Past and Present Look at Overbook

Rita Sorrentino
Keywords: History of Philadelphia Neighborhoods, Overbrook, social studies, Technology, West Philadelphia

Replicate the History of the Black Bottom

Myrtle Bastien
Keywords: Black Bottom, Private Homes & Properties, Residents, Urban Renewal, West Philadelphia

Slavery and the Health of Blacks in Philadelphia During The 18th Century

Keith Mitchell
Keywords: diseases, Health, Medical Care, Pathogenic Organisms, Pathogens, Slaves

Slavery in Philadelphia

Stephanie R. Wicks
Keywords: African Americans, Africans, Africans in Philadelphia, Fugitive Slave Laws, Gradual Abolition Act, History, Impact of Slavery, local, Slavery

The Art of Computer Animation and the Mathematics that Moves It

Cara Crosby
Keywords: animation, computer animation, mathematics, programming

Common Threads: Time and Textile

Pamela Toller
Keywords: Art, beliefs, Culture, Navajo, student awareness, symbolism, textile construction, traditions, weaving

Could We Learn Peace by Doing a Piece?

Kathryn Long
Keywords: design, discovery, History, murals, Philadelphia murals

Cultural Infusion: the Public Art of Philadelphia’s Chinatown

Maxine J. Tumaian
Keywords: Art, chinatown, Chinese, Chinese immigration, community, Dragon Mural, Philadelphia

The Impact of Advertising on Teenagers

Jacquelyn Massey
Keywords: advertising, advertising agencies, advertising strategies, business, communication, computer technology, graphic art

Langston Hughes, Romare Bearden and Comrades: Countering Negative Stereotypes through African American Arts Communities

Barbara McDowell Dowdall
Keywords: African American Artists, Art, Harlem Renaissance, Philadelphia, Visual Art

Linguistic meanings through figurative language in Langston Hughes’s poetry, Faith Ringgold’s quilts/textiles and Romare Bearden’s collages

Kemo Logan
Keywords: African American History, American History, Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes, Romare Bearden

Visual Arts in Society: We Wear the Mask –Visual Arts and Literacy Project

Samuel A. Reed, III

“What Goes Around Comes Around: Body Painting /Tattooing in Societies Past and Present”

Sheila White