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Prosthetic Robots in Healthcare

Surinder Kaur
Keywords: Science, STEM, Robots, engineering, Healthcare, Machines, Anatomy

Robotics: Solving Problems One Design At A Time

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: Technology, engineering, problem solving, robotics, Scratch, recycled robots, 3-d printing, ideation, onshape, animaloids, humanoids, persuasive writing, blended learning, design process, makeology, collaboration, creativity 3.4.3.C1, 3.4.3.D1, 3.4.3.E1

Robots In Autistic Support Education and Beyond: Implications and Applications For 21st Century Students In Middle and Secondary Autistic Support Services Programs

Cheryl Padgett
Keywords: Science, STEM, Robots, STEM Education for Students With Autism

Coding in First Grade

Amatise Ponzo
Keywords: Science, Robots, Machines

History and Philosophy of Atomic Theory

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: Nature of Science, Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Scientific Revolution, Quantum Mechanical Model

Making Philosophic Ideas Visible: Connecting the Age of Enlightenment and the French Revolution

Alexander de Arana
Keywords: social studies, Critical thinking, Political thought, Social Contract, Foundations of Government, Age of Enlightenment, French Revolution

Statistics Unique Place in Math

Paul Dale
Keywords: Statistics, Describing data, Histogram, statistical questions

Learning Through the Lens: How Hollywood Shapes the Way We View History

Andrea Ferentchak
Keywords: American History, Creative Writing, Reading, Media, History activity

Film Techniques and Gender and Race Representation in Film

Amanda Fiegel
Keywords: Media, Pop culture, Entertainment industry, Cinematography

Natural Resources are Natural Wonders

Valerie A. Adams
Keywords: literacy, Math, geometry, Art, origami, asian art and culture

Empathy through Small Data: Using Our Own Data to Visualize the Impact of Wicked Problems

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Math, Creative Writing, Statistics, data analysis, Research design, Data visualization, Describing data, Humanities, Senior Project, Visual Art, Hand-Drawn Visualization

Now You See It! Using Infographics to Help Kids Access and Present Information

Alima McKnight
Keywords: infographics, Data visualization, Graphs, Report writing, Inferencing, Character Traits

An Investigation into Data Visualization

Lindsay Neath
Keywords: Math, Statistics, data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, Graphs, Histogram

Designing Data on Diabetes

Eual A. Phillips, Jr.
Keywords: Chemistry, graphing, Conversions, Data visualization, diabetes, glucose, blood sugar, measurements, patterns, trends

One Island Two People: Visualizing and Comparing the Development Stories of Haiti and Dominican Republic

Samuel A. Reed, III
Keywords: data analysis, infographics, Research design, Data visualization, Describing data

See the Problem, Be the Change

Tracy Saltz
Keywords: Math, Statistics, data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data

Emoji Tracker: Utilizing Data Visualization to Track Student Behavior in Real Time

Peggy Marie Savage
Keywords: Data, Data visualization, emojis, emotions, tracking, emoji, monitor

Novel and a Movie?

Nicole Flores
Keywords: Reading, Media, Pop culture, Novel, Pairing, Clips

The Great Gatsby & Media Literacy

David Jennis
Keywords: Creative Writing, Reading, Media, Entertainment industry, Cinematography, Screen writing, Drama, "The Great Gatsby"

Reds in Tinseltown: The Cold War, Hollywood, and Blacklisting

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: American History, World War II, Media, Pop culture, Entertainment industry, Cinematography, Politics, World politics, Cold War, Propaganda, Media Studies, Media Strategies