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How Can We Expect Them to Stand Up in a Crooked Room?

Regina Hastings
Keywords: film, Reading, Sociology, writing, Pop culture, Media, cinema, communications

Visualizing Word Problems: A Path to a Solution

Rachel Odoroff
Keywords: function, Math, algebra

African American Hair, Freedom, and Civil Rights: Using Film, Media, and African American Hair Styles to Analyze Civil Rights

Aisha Al-Muid
Keywords: film, freedom, Hair, Media, cinema, African American, civil rights

Conquering Space: A Voyage to Understanding

Catherine Michini
Keywords: geometry, PSAT, Math, NCTM, algeba

Visualizing Fractions

Cher Baylor
Keywords: powepoints, visual math, Math

Exactly Measure it – Then Convert it!

Cynthia Campisi
Keywords: yard, inch, foot, fractional portion, three-quarters, quarter, Math, measure, measurement, feet, half, elementary math

6th Grade Statistics

Dr. David L. Turner
Keywords: Statistics, visual math, powerpoints, Math, 6th grade math

A Visual Approach to Learning Math Fractions

By Felicia M. Atwell
Keywords: fractions, visual math, 3rd grade math

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Visualizing, Writing, and Creating Word Problems

Kyle Iovannoni
Keywords: powerpoints, visual math, word problems, 3rd grade math

Visualizing Differential Calculus for the IB Student

Kathleen Renz
Keywords: IB math, visual math, calculus


Keeping the Lead Out: Healthy Hydration at Home and at School.

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: lead, health policies, Health, neurotoxin, child development, Chemistry, environment

Interpreting Data

Nicole Gasser
Keywords: lead, Flint, Health, math literacy, Michigan, Philadelphia Region, environment

Lead: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Stephanie M Robinson
Keywords: lead, lead paint, lead poisoning, Health, paint, child development

Living With Lead: Lessons for Environmental Justice and Citizenship

Ryann Rouse
Keywords: interpreting facts, lead, lead legislation, Flint, lead paint, lead poisoning, research project, toxicity, toxins, water crisis, lead regulation, Philadelphia, central theme, analyzing informational texts, environmental justice, environmental citizenship

Lead Bioaccumulation

Chris Sikich
Keywords: lead, lead chemistry, Health, health issues, bioaccumulation, environmental justice, environment

Lead Affects Our Lives and Our Learning

Charlette Walker
Keywords: lead, Health, research based, writing assignments, activism

Concentrating on Solutions to Soil Lead Contamination at Home

Eual A. Phillips, Jr.
Keywords: lead, lead contamination, Health, soil contamination, lead poisoning, ESD, environment

The Globalization of Tastebuds and Capitalism

Amanda Fiegel
Keywords: imperialism, globalization, fast food, McDonalds, capitalism, cultural convergence

Why Do You Eat That? An Inquiry of Food Choices and Values Amongst 4th Grade Students

Sondra W. Gonzalez
Keywords: healthy eating, health crisis, health epidemic, proper eating, diet

Taking control of our happiness

Regina Hastings
Keywords: happiness, philosophy, mental health, anxiety, depression