Teaching Similar and Different Through Fairy Tale Variants

Author: Melissa Freeman


Shawmont Elementary School

Year: 2010

Seminar: Multi-Cultural Fairy Tales: Portals to the Humanities

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Keywords: cinderella, literacy, multicultural

School Subject(s): English, Literature

The purpose of this unit is to incorporate multicultural literacy into the kindergarten classroom.  In a diverse classroom multicultural literacy has become a requirement. Reading different versions of a well known fairy tale from different areas of the world will be an exciting way to bring multicultural literacy into the classroom.  As we read different versions of the fairy tale Cinderella we will analyze them and discuss all the things that are the same and different.  The students will use different stratagies that help them to understand the difference between same and different, an important concept taught to kindergarteners.

Throughout this unit you will visit the rationale for this unit where I describe why multicultural literacy is important in the early childhood classroom.  Next I will explain why fairy tales are a great way to incorporate multicultural literacy in the classroom.  Furthermore, you will read and understand why I chose to use varients of the classic fairy tale Cinderella.

Download Unit: Freeman_unit.pdf

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