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Macro to the Micro

Author: David H. Adams


Dimner Beeber Middle School

Year: 2009

Seminar: Surfaces, Technology and Life

Grade Level: 5-8

Keywords: macro, micro, Nanotechnology, Science, Technology

School Subject(s): Science, Technology

The purpose of this unit is to expose the students to the current trends in science and technology, and the limitless possibilities for improving the quality of human life. The title of this unit “Macro to Micro” is intended to help the students both visualize and conceptualize the concept of nanotechnology.  Objects that can be classified as having something to do with nanotechnology are larger than atoms but much smaller than we can perceive directly with our senses.

The main focus of this unit is to help the students to conceptualize and then understand that scale matters. Nanotechnology deals with miniscule particles that are not applied at the macro-or human-scale level but with nanoparticles that have large surface area to mass ratios with unique properties that will revolutionize science and technology.  It is my goal to lead the students to explore nanoscience and its related fields and possibilities.

Download Unit: Adams-2.pdf

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