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American Politics through Literary Exposures: Film, Essays, & Speeches

Author: Bonnee Breese

Year: 2009

Seminar: American Political Culture

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: american politics, language arts

School Subject(s): English, Language Arts

This unit is developed to enhance and support the teaching of films, essays, and political speeches concerning politics in an English Language Arts (ELA) classroom. The literary texts have been chosen to give students perspective on how the American political process has been viewed in the eyes of African-Americans is the focus of literary text choices. By studying these works soon after one of the most monumental and highly publicized presidential elections in American history, students will become politically literate in understanding American political trends, facts, and foundations, taking apart the myths and fictitious information. Through an analysis of several historical documents beginning with the United States Constitution, students will compare and contrast writings of famous American authors who contributed to the nation’s political culture, and they will consider how those writings have impacted the African-American community in this country. Students will be shown several film clips, as well as be assigned to listen to few audio recordings of speeches, to augment and support the written word and give a more tangible connection to political eras both past and present. 

Download Unit: B-Breese-2.pdf

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