Who is Cinderella, … or Cinderfella?

Author: Donna Rohanna


Patterson Elementary School

Year: 2010

Seminar: Multi-Cultural Fairy Tales: Portals to the Humanities

Grade Level: K-3

Keywords: cinderella, literacy, Reading

School Subject(s): English, Literature

This Curriculum Unit in Literacy is written for grades K through 2, but may be adjusted to suit upper grades.  Intended to expand upon the existing Literacy curriculum of the Philadelphia Public School, this unit will cover multicultural variants of the Cinderella Story from around the world. The intension of this unit is to offer students a pathway into multicultural education using a story they are familiar with to bring awareness of the countries and cultures that exist in the world and right around them.

In reading the variants of this familiar story through the lens of other cultures, students can learn about other places and people groups while practicing the literary functions for their grade level.  Students will listen and be able to read a story. They will respond to literature, write words and sentences, and be able to summarize a story.  They will compare and contrast variants of a story and use a variety of graphic organizers to express understanding of details in a story.

Download Unit: Rohanna-Unit.pdf

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