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Bone, Muscle and Prosthetic Unit for Surfaces and Nanotechnology

Author: Nancy Baulis


Catharine Elementary School

Year: 2009

Seminar: Surfaces, Technology and Life

Grade Level: 1-4

Keywords: bones, muscles, Nanotechnology, prosthetics

School Subject(s): Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing

The students at my school need to be motivated to learn, so areas of interest that will keep their attention while they learn are essential. Students are very interested in how their bodies develop. They are fascinated by the concept of replacing a body part, such as, an arm or leg. Medical research has been able to develop very realistic looking and functioning limbs. By doing research, activities, and experiments the students will better understand their own development and how medicine was able to construct replacement limbs. The students will be fourth and fifth graders. The unit will be multidisciplinary combining math, writing, reading, and social studies along with science. The unit is designed for 6 weeks with a 45-minute lesson a week.

Download Unit: Baulis-2.doc

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