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Probabilities in the Poker Game – Curriculum Unit

Liliana Ciobanu

Pascal’s Triangle and the Binomial Theorem

Shuang-Ching Su

Algebraic Equations

Krishan L Wadhwa

The American Dream Redefined – How the Harlem Renaissance Questioned and Changed the Idea of the American Dream

Laura C. Jacklin
Keywords: History, Literature, maryann dicker, poetry, The Harlem Renaissance

A Celebration of African American Oral Tradition in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Deborah Samuel
Keywords: African American oral traditions, The Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston

Poetry and Music of the Harlem Renaissance and Today

Alexandra Volin Avelin
Keywords: African American activists, Alain Locke, poetry, The Harlem Renaissance

The Women of the Harlem Renaissance

Catherine Thornton-Brownlee
Keywords: African American culture, African American literature, The Harlem Renaissance

Women of the Harlem Renaissance

Megan Wapner
Keywords: African American literature, The Harlem Renaissance, women

Hip Hop Renaissance: The Struggle for Self-expression

Russell Kaback
Keywords: African American culture, hip-hop, poetry, The Harlem Renaissance

Philadelphia’s Relationship to the Harlem Renaissance

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: African American History, Harlem Renaissance, New Negro Movement, Philadelphia

Soul to Spirit to Speak to Writers: Poetry and Song

Bonnee L. Breese
Keywords: african american poetry, Black Poets, Harlem Renaissance, poetry, Women poets

The Black Press and the Philadelphia Tribune

Florence B. Oliver
Keywords: advanced placement, African American History, black community, media in our society, Philadelphia Tribune, social science, us history

The Disappearance of Sherwood Forest: The History of Cobbs Creek in Philadelphia

Patricia Blakeney-Whack
Keywords: Cobbs Creek Parkway, Ecology, Environmental Science, pollution, Preserving the Environment, Watershed, West Philadelphia

The Influence of Music Television on Behaviors and Social Identities

Marsha A. Walker

Representing our Blessings on Pottery Inspired by Southwestern Native American Art

Allison Aubry

Mobile Africa: African Migration, Immigration and Emigration Across Time

Stephanie R. Wicks

Allegory and America: Analyzing the work of Virginia Lee Burton

Kate Reber