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Seminar: Aliens and Others: African Americans [Re]Writing Generic Fiction

You Lookin’ For Me?

Glenza Lowman 2015
Keywords: Black history, Black History month, writing

An Alien in the Cotton Fields: 47 by Walter Mosley

Joan Taylor 2015
Keywords: cotton fields, Literature, Slavery, social realism, Walter Mosley

Seminar: Alternative Energy Systems: What is New Under the Sun?

Biofuels: An Alternative to Fossil Fuel

Stuart Surrey 2010
Keywords: fossil fuel, global warming, natural cycles

Driving Change: Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Galeet  Cohen  2010
Keywords: alternative energy, alternative fuel, natural gas, technologies, vehicles

Alternative Energy Resources Unit On Wind Energy

John DiFiore 2010
Keywords: engineering, non-renewable energy, physics, renewable energy

Renewable Resources: The Path To The Future

Troy J. Holiday 2010
Keywords: alternative energy, renewable resources

Global Warming in the City: Unit for the Greenhouse Effect

Deborah Smithey 2010
Keywords: city, global warming, greenhouse effect, public housing, subsidized housing

Energy Eaters and Energy Feeders

Nicole Haentjens Traore 2010
Keywords: alternative energy, energy, power

Seminar: American Capitalism

African American Women Workers in 19th Century and 20th Century Philadelphia

Myrtle Bastien 2007
Keywords: African American History, African American women, American economic system, poverty, racial prejudice

Discovering the Past to Preserve for the Future: The National Archives and American Economic History

Elliot Drago 2007
Keywords: America, capitalism, Internal Revenue Services, National Archives, social studies

Child Labor in Pennsylvania

Terry Anne Wildman 2007
Keywords: child labor, Gilead Age, Industrial Revolution, Pennsylvania, Progressive Era

Rock and Roll and the Record and Broadcasting Industry

Sandy O’Keefe 2007
Keywords: African American Artists, Blues music, Music, Philadelphia, rhythm, rock and roll

Made In China: Early American Trade with China, 1784-1844

Mona Kolsky 2007
Keywords: America, American History, American-chinese trade, Asian studies, China, globalization

The History of African American Business in Philadelphia, 1850 – 1920

Vicki Baker 2007
Keywords: African American business, Philadelphia business

Why Are There Abandoned Factories in My Neighborhood?

Tim Woods 2007
Keywords: History, Industrial history, Philadelphia, William Penn

Seminar: American Literature and American Painting, 1840 to 1940

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”: Telling Stories Through Paint, Photography and Poetry Using Technology

Dale Apple 2010
Keywords: Harlem Renaissance, poetry, Technology

Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid Growing Up in America Through Art and Literature

Joyce Arnosky 2010
Keywords: American History, childhood

The Science Behind Art and Literature: How We Process What We See and Hear

Amanda Bridgeford 2010
Keywords: Physical Science, physics, poetry


Michael Steele-Eytle 2010
Keywords: contemporary American workd, Spanish

Interdisciplinary Harlem Renaissance: The Visual Artists

Aimee Christopher 2010
Keywords: Art, Black America, Harlem Renaissance