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Visualizing Differential Calculus for the IB Student

Kathleen Renz
Keywords: calculus, IB math, visual math

Human Evolution

Chris Sikich
Keywords: Biology, Evolution, genetics, human evolution, life science, Natural Selection

Evolutionary History of Mitochondria

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: Chemistry, interdisciplinary skills, mitochondria

Amazing Animal Adaptations

Dorothy Martin
Keywords: adaptation, animals, autistic support, Evolution, special education

Evolutionary Biology

Daniel Hartzog
Keywords: Biology, Evolution, Heredity, kindergarten, Science, Traits, Variation

Evolution: Pokémon v. Bizarre Real Animals

Lisa Yuk Kuen Yau
Keywords: Biology, Critical thinking, Evolution, pokemon, Science


William McGeehan
Keywords: adaptation, biomagnification, disease, DNA, Ecology, Evolution, Flexibility and adaptability, genetics, Natural Selection, parasite, population genetics

Dark Matters

Valerie Adams
Keywords: black hole, CER framework, dark fantastic, ebony elizabeth thomas, imagination, milky way galaxy

The Superhero Self: Speculative Fiction for Identity Development and Social Change

Emma Connolly
Keywords: fiction, imagination, learning support, special education, superheroes

Storytelling for Freedom: How Black speculative stories can give us hope for a better future

Gina Dukes
Keywords: dark fantastic, freedom, hope, storytelling

Saving Ourselves: Exploring Identity and Imagined Realities Through Comics

Maddie Luebbert
Keywords: comics, dark fantastic, imagination, superhero genre, systemic racism

Police Free City: Writing Emancipatory Visionary Fiction

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Black Lives Matter, dark fantastic cycle, fantasy, fiction, Literature, Reading, science fiction, social studies, the Hunger Games, writing

Speculative Fiction: Using an Ethnic and Cultural Lens for Story Telling

Peggy Marie Savage
Keywords: speculative fiction, storytelling, the dark fantastic

Dabbling in the Dark: The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of the Black Speculative Aesthetic

Ryann M. Rouse
Keywords: Afrofuturism, Black Speculative Art, English Language Arts, fantasy, race, science fiction

Speculative Poetry: Making Sense of the Present and Shaping the Future

Sarah Vieldhouse
Keywords: analysis, imagination, poetry, speculative poetry

Here I Am: Graphic Novels as Social Equalizers for English Language Learners

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: comics, English language learners, graphic novels, the dark fantastic

Our New Mythologies Speculative Fiction Unit

Katherine Cohen Volin
Keywords: English Language Arts, mythology, speculative fiction

“Take Root Among the Stars” A Speculative Curriculum Unit for Fifth Grade

Vanetta Wood
Keywords: creative arts

A History of Philadelphia: Redlining and the Founding Ideals of Democracy

Alexander de Arana
Keywords: democracy, History, Philadelphia, social science

Planting the Seeds of Responsibility and Growing Citizens

Alima McKnight
Keywords: African Americans, change, citizen, citizenship, Government, rights, society, voting