Energy Eaters and Energy Feeders

Author: Nicole Haentjens Traore


Catharine Elementary School

Year: 2010

Seminar: Alternative Energy Systems: What is New Under the Sun?

Grade Level: 1-4

Keywords: alternative energy, energy, power

School Subject(s): Environmental Science, Science

Every year our concern regarding the environment seems to grow, and with just cause. With global warming and other climate changes, there is a need for new recycling initiatives and an increased awareness of environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources. Despite all the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, many people are still not doing so. It is my belief that we can change this through education. Therefore, it is the aim of this unit to educate kindergarteners in a student-friendly fashion as they move along, through a closer examination of various types of energy, their uses, and their capacity to keep the environment clean. This unit is designed for a four-week period done for thirty to forty-five minutes per day.

Download Unit: traore-unit.pdf

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