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A Brave New World?

Author: Nicole Flores


Weir Mitchell Elementary School

Year: 2015

Seminar: Aliens and Others: African Americans [Re]Writing Generic Fiction

Grade Level: 5

Keywords: literacy, literacy skills, Parable of the Sower, Reading, science fiction, The Giver

School Subject(s): English, Language Arts, Writing

Science fiction has been an under-utilized genre of literature within the School District of Philadelphia. Because the District places greater emphasis on non-fiction passages, science fiction is rarely used to teach literacy skills. Although this emphasis is understandable given the new demands of the Common Core, students are short-changed of an entire world of literature. Like most genres, science fiction, can allow students to demonstrate comprehension skills while challenging their views of society and the future. This unit will compare excerpts from “The Giver” and “Parable of the Sower”. The focus will be on their main characters of both texts, especially their descriptions of futuristic societies. Students will analyze each excerpt, looking for key points, comparing them and then create their own science fiction-a version of the future based on the key elements discussed. Students will also create an artifact to accompany their narrative.

This unit is intended for a 5th grade Reading, English Language Arts or Writing class.

Download Unit: Flores-Nicole-unit-2.pdf

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