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Seminar: "But Mostly I Lie A Lot" - The African American Short Story in the 21st Century

Short Story Encounters: Pathos in Action in African-American Fiction

Stacia Parker 2012
Keywords: African American fiction, pathos, short stories

Teaching Characterization and Metacognition using African-American Short Stories

Jessica L. Shupik 2012
Keywords: African American short stories, metacognition, Recitatif, short stories

School Daze: Engagement Strategies for Middle School Readers

Joan Taylor 2012
Keywords: African American short stories, cognitive strategies, reading strategies, short stories

Do You Know My Struggle? A Writing Unit Designed to Explore the Voices of Middle School Students

Michelle Todd 2012
Keywords: external conflicts, internal conflicts, literacy, short stories

Seminar: 20th Century American Literature

The Lesson the Piano Teaches: August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson and the African-American Experience It Illuminates

William S. Lewis 2007
Keywords: African American History, August Wilson, griot, History, Literature, personal history

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance and Students’ Poetic Perceptions of Contemporary Issues

Kemo Donita Logan 2007
Keywords: African American literature, Compare and contrast, Harlem Renaissance, literacy revolution, poetry, social activism, social themes

What Matters the Most through Reading and Writing

Christine Lokey 2007
Keywords: direct reading, inspire to act, integrating, Literature, racial justice, Reading, scaffolding, social justice, writing, writing instruction

Connecting Nineteen Eighty-Four to Today

Alison McCartney 2007
Keywords: analyze, British literature, debate, English, George Orwell, involved citizens, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Reading, social science, World Literature

Exploring African American Culture Through Literature

Susan King 2007
Keywords: African American culture, African American literature, autistic support, books, comprehension skills, Reading, storytelling

Jim Crow and Apartheid: Walking hand in hand to the Promised Land

Stacia D. Parker 2007
Keywords: African American History, America, Apartheid, Harlem Renaissance, political literature, South Africa, think globally

The Story of Us: An Urban Fifth Grade Class Creates a Living History Document Through Memoir and Photography

Joyce Arnosky 2007
Keywords: analyze, data collection, History, literacy, Math, memoir, photography, social studies, Visual Art, writing

Philly Girls Grow Up Through Memoir and Fiction

Barbara McDowell Dowdall 2007
Keywords: African American women, American Literature, growing up, memoir, women, writers

Looking Through Others’ Eyes- Literature and the Double Self in the 20th Century

Laura C. Jacklin 2007
Keywords: American short stories, American society, double-consciousness, Literature, The Souls of Black Folk, World War I

Recurring Themes of African American Folktales

Catherine Thornton Brownlee 2007
Keywords: African American folktales, African American literature, Afro-American, language arts, Reading, symbolism, themes

Seminar: A Survey of Contemplative Practices Across the World's Religions

Investigating Religious and Cultural Spending Trends

Catherine Michini 2017
Keywords: cross, Culture, Social and cross-cultural skills, social studies, World religions

Mindfulness Mondays: Bite Size Strategies to Transform Your Classroom

Samuel A. Reed 2017
Keywords: Creative Writing, Journalism, Personal Growth

Be the Hero of Your Journey

Terry Anne Wildman 2017
Keywords: Creative Writing, History, Literature

Taking Teenagers From Aaaaah! To *Om* to Action! Using Contemplative Practices from World Religions to Teach Stress Management and Promote Well-Being

Meg H. Flisek 2017
Keywords: Flexibility and adaptability, Global awareness, Health literacy, Initiative and self-direction, Meditation, Productivity and accountability, Social and cross-cultural skills, Stress relief, World religions

How Does One Achieve the Good Life?

Colleen Lawson-Thornton 2017
Keywords: Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, close reading, collaborative learning, contemplative practices, Cornell notes, Daoism, discussion board, Eastern philosophy, Eastern religion, Eightfold Path, experiential learning, Four Noble Truths, Good Life, happiness, Hinduism, Meditation, philosophy, tai chi, Tao of Pooh, Tao Te Ching, Upanishads, walking meditation, yoga, zine

Mindful Suspension

Jaimie Piotrowicz 2017
Keywords: Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Detention, Meditation, Mindful Suspension, Personal Growth, Suspension, Therapy