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Unit TitleAuthorYear

Seminar: A Survey of Contemplative Practices Across the World's Religions

I Am Malala: Mindfulness and Community Service

Cara Wallin 2017
Keywords: community service, Culture, fundraising, I am Malala, Personal Growth

Seminar: A Visual Approach to Learning Math

Visualizing Word Problems: A Path to a Solution

Rachel Odoroff 2020
Keywords: algebra, function, Math

Conquering Space: A Voyage to Understanding

Catherine Michini 2020
Keywords: algeba, geometry, Math, NCTM, PSAT

Visualizing Fractions

Cher Baylor 2020
Keywords: Math, powepoints, visual math

Exactly Measure it – Then Convert it!

Cynthia Campisi 2020
Keywords: elementary math, feet, foot, fractional portion, half, inch, Math, measure, measurement, quarter, three-quarters, yard

6th Grade Statistics

Dr. David L. Turner 2020
Keywords: 6th grade math, Math, powerpoints, Statistics, visual math

A Visual Approach to Learning Math Fractions

By Felicia M. Atwell 2020
Keywords: 3rd grade math, fractions, visual math

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Visualizing, Writing, and Creating Word Problems

Kyle Iovannoni 2020
Keywords: 3rd grade math, powerpoints, visual math, word problems

Visualizing Differential Calculus for the IB Student

Kathleen Renz 2020
Keywords: calculus, IB math, visual math

Movement on Board for Mathematics Teaching

Vicki Baker 2020
Keywords: Algebra 2, calculus, powerpoint, visual math

Seminar: Africa in the Classroom

Mobile Africa: African Migration, Immigration and Emigration Across Time

Stephanie R. Wicks

Masquerading in Western Africa

Janice D. Williamson 2007
Keywords: Africa, Art, Culture, customs, dance, Music

Tell Me About It: The Africa I Left Behind

Susan Bunch 2007
Keywords: Africa, ESL, ESOL, storytelling, traditions, West Africa

What’s Cooking in West Africa?

Robert Sandy 2007
Keywords: Africa, cooking, Food, food preparation, life skills, meals, West Africa

Seminar: African American Poets in the 21st Century

Looking at the Black Experience in America Through African American Poetry

Joyce Arnosky 2009
Keywords: 5th grade, African American, Black experience in America, History, poems, poetry, Reading, writing

P.O.W.E.R. : Profound. Original. Words. Expressing. Resilience.

Karen L. Brinkley 2009
Keywords: afrian american literature, African American art, african american poetry, History, Literature, poetry

Imagery in Action

Donna L. Jones 2009
Keywords: activism, african american poetry, Civil Disobedience, English 3, Imagery, Imagery in Action, literary devices, Literature, poetry

Bob Kaufman: Life According to the Beat

Lisa Kelly 2009
Keywords: Beats, Bob Kaufman, consumerism, discussions, literacy, literary movement, power, race, silencing in America

Homage to a Mockingbird: Poetry in Motion

Stacia D. Parker 2009
Keywords: 1930s, characters, collaboration, conscience, courage, found poem, haiku, Harper Lee, historical background, Historical Context, odes, poetry, social injustice, social order, social responsibility, sonnet, The Black Arts Movement, The Harlem Renaissance, themes, To Kill a Mockingbird

Brave Voices through Time and Space: Poetry Café for Young People

Samuel A. Reed, III 2009
Keywords: African American poets, Art, biography, constructive criticism, demystify poetry, figurative language, Middle School, Music, read, Reading, Research, social studies, speak, write, writing