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Author: Michael Steele-Eytle


West Philadelphia High School

Year: 2009

Seminar: African American Poets in the 21st Century

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: Afro-American poets, art and music, interpretation, language acquisition, lens of Spanish Translation, listening, poetic structure, Reading, Spanish, speaking, writing

School Subject(s): African American Literature, Languages, Literature, Poetry, Spanish

This topic concerns poetry of the 21st century written by Afro-American poets and translated into Spanish. Students of Level II Spanish will further enhance their appreciation of  Afro-American poetry through the lens of Spanish Translation.  Students will be able to transfer their knowledge of poetic texts written in English and make comparison with the study of those in Spanish. Furthermore, Students will be exposed to similarities and differences in poetic structure and interpretation of poetry  written in Spanish versus Anglo poetry through the specifically chosen literary selections . This practice  affords students an additional opportunity to apply their Spanish Level II reading skills . The literary selections will present a varied perspective on Afro-American culture.

The unit will be a series of ten lessons taught over a period of twenty days either consecutively or at intervals allocating approximately two days for each lesson. Before each lesson, students will be required to scan the text for familiar words or cognates that will help them anticipate the content. Strategy and graphic organizers will be provided to allow students to decide how to approach the material and to jot down thoughts. The teacher will also guide the students as to what to expect before they begin reading and give extra insights to help the reader get the most out of each selection. In addition the teacher will discreetly use relevant visual and aural stimuli including reproductions of art and music to assist the student in experiencing the diversity of the Afro-American world while reinforcing the language acquisition skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Download Unit: 09.03.05.pdf

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