Renewable Resources: The Path To The Future

Author: Troy J. Holiday


Wagner Middle School

Year: 2010

Seminar: Alternative Energy Systems: What is New Under the Sun?

Grade Level: 5-8

Keywords: alternative energy, renewable resources

School Subject(s): Environmental Science, Science

This unit is designed for students in their middle school years but can be applied to high school as well.  The unit is focused on the concepts behind alternative energy.  The middle school students will focus on what renewable resources are being used and how they affect are environment.  If applied to high school students, the unit can be modified to address standards that are covered in the high school science curriculum.   The overarching theme of the unit will be two fold:

1) The students will become aware of the resources being depleted on our planet and the renewable resources that could replace them.

2) Students will become active participants in improving and sustaining their own environment through the use of renewable resources.

The duration of the unit will be for a period of one month for two to three days out of each week. It will take place towards the end of the year after any standardized testing. This will be advantageous for the unit since the weather conditions will be suitable to explore experiments outside of the school.  The end of the year also provides the flexibility to fit the unit into any teacher’s schedule. 

Download Unit: Holiday_unit.pdf

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