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Know Your Position – How?

Author: Ann Cherian


Overbrook High School

Year: 2009

Seminar: Oats, Kings, Proofs, and Climate Change: How Do You Know?

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: binomial probability, binomial theory, decision making, measures, normal distribution, Pascal's Triangle, Probability and Statistics, statistical distributions, Statistics, tools

School Subject(s): Algebra, Math, Statistics

This unit is intended for students to get a firm understanding on the binomial theorem and its relevance in statistical distributions such as the binomial probability distribution and normal distribution. It is written for students to recognize the interconnection of concepts beginning from simple identification of patterns in Pascal’s triangle to the prediction of events based on probability. Students will gain a deeper understanding on the significance of standardized test scores and in particular interpreting their own scores and position on a percentile scale.

Students are exposed to the application of various statistical tools in real life situations with an emphasis on the relevance and interpretation of the outcome. In working through the lessons, students discover the importance of checking the credibility of various pieces of information using statistical measures and the consequences in misinterpreting figures. One of the main purposes is to direct students into asking the question, “How do you know” when crucial information is given and a decision has to be made based on the given information.

Download Unit: cherian-2.pdf

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