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The Intersections of Law and Health

Author: Jordan Solomon


The Shawmont School

Year: 2009

Seminar: American Political Culture

Grade Level: 7

Keywords: American History, childhood health, Health, health legislation, law and health, legislation, persuasive writing, physical education, writing

School Subject(s): American History, English, Health, Literature, Political Science, Social Studies, Writing

Many students at the middle years level are unaware of the intersection of legislation and health. With health concerns in childhood becoming an immediate problem, it is crucial to examine health and the law.

Legislation has affected personal health since the very early days of American history. From the creation of the first public drinking water system in Philadelphia, to the battle for embryonic stem cell research, health and legislation have intersected.

This curriculum unit focuses on three areas of health legislation. The unit examines large sweeping pieces of legislation like the Clean Water and Clean Air acts; it seeks to address social controversy by looking at the social and health implications of abortion; and it looks at school lunch programs and their effect on student health.

Through critical interpretation of primary source documents and opinion statements, students will debate issues and create persuasive writing pieces in a multi-disciplinary approach.  This approach will address both Health and physical education standards and writing standards for middle years students.

Download Unit: Jordan-Solomon-2.pdf

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