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The Universal Law of Gravity: How Do You Know

Author: Alex Leed


Parkway West High School

Year: 2009

Seminar: Oats, Kings, Proofs, and Climate Change: How Do You Know?

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: collaborative learning, formulas, high school curriculum, How do you know?, laws of physics, literacy based, mathematical computations, thematic unit, universal law of gravity

School Subject(s): Math, Physics, Science

This curriculum unit focuses on the “How Do You Know?” aspect of the universal law of gravitation. It includes activities that implement a variety of pedagogical strategies, from hands-on and collaborative activities to literacy-based and mathematical computations. This unit intends to take advantage of students’ curiosity and doubts about the physics laws and formulas taught to them.

The purpose of the activities included in this thematic unit is to extend the standard high school curriculum. Going above and beyond the standard textbook portrayal of gravity, the activities found in this unit aim to bring physics alive to students.

Download Unit: leed-2.pdf

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