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Using Transfer as a Schema to Learn about Energy: A Modular Approach

Matthew N VanKouwenberg
Keywords: PhotoVoltaics, Physical Science, physics, Lab, High School, Middle School, Motor, Mechanical Energy, Magnetism, student-centered, wind energy, Thermodynamics, global warming, Constructivist, Energy Transfer, Generator, Experiment, Eolic, Environmental Science, electricity, Electromagnetic Spectrum


The Tidal Schuylkill As A Teaching and Learning Resource For Chemistry, Physical Science and Biology

Bobby E. Stewart
Keywords: Physical Science, pollution, Schuylkill River, Chemistry, environment

Freshwater Ecology in Philadelphia

Elizabeth Szablya
Keywords: Physical Science, Wissahickon Creek, Schuylkill River, freshwater, Ecology


Origami Engineering and Product Design

Elizabeth Szablya
Keywords: Yoshizawa randlett, Physical Science, PHiZZ, origami, presentation, project-based, High School, kirigami, modular origami, project based instruction, STEM, STEAM, spatial reasoning, snapology, Scientific Method, student lead, Yoshizawa, tessilation, Science activity, prototype, Science, hands-on, construct, design, asian art and culture, Art, design thinking, engineering, fold


The Truth Is Out There: Finding Exoplanets

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: Physical Science, Math, Space Science, Science

The Earth’s Layers

Monique McCoy
Keywords: Physical Science, Math, Science, climate change, algebra, Earth Science


When Batteries Die, Do They Go to Heaven?

Bruce S. Karpe
Keywords: Physical Science, High School, sustainability, trash, recycling, Science, batteries, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Electronic Waste

Planetary Motion From the Ground Up

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: Physical Science, physics, orbit, Kepler, Inquiry, High School, heliocentric, observation, Newton, mathematics, Math, gravity, solar system, simulation, Science, astronomy, argument, ap physics, advanced placement physics, advanced placement, geometry, Galileo, geocentric

Nuclear Fusion in the Cosmos and the Chemistry Curriculum

Alex Leed
Keywords: Physical Science, High School, stellar evolution, astronomy, Chemistry, Fusion

Determining the Motion of Galaxies Using Doppler Redshift

Caitlin M. Matyas
Keywords: Physical Science, physics, Hubble expansion, Inquiry, High School, simulation, redshift, Science, astronomy, Doppler effect, discussion

The Born Identity of Atoms

Eual A. Phillips
Keywords: physics, Physical Science, High School, nuclides, nuclear, neutrons, modelling, Medicine, protons, stellar nucleosynthesis, stars, universe, reactions, radioactivity, Science, graphing, atoms, Chemistry, algebra, fission, fusion linear equations


Hey! Who Turned Out the Lights? Electricity in Series and Parallel Circuits

Sharon Mastrobuoni
Keywords: Parallel Circuit, Physical Science, insulators, Series Circuit, resistance, conductors, electrical circuit, electricity

How To: An Adventure in Writing and Designing Circuits

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: Physical Science, invention, language arts, LED, light bulb, writing, transistor, Technology, timeline, quiz board, breadboard, Circuit, diode, engineering

Tinkering with Simple Electric Circuits

Ambra Hook
Keywords: Physical Science, parallel circuits, series circuits, tinkering, electric circuits, electricity

Development of an Energy Plan for Franklinville Using a Single Energy Source

Richardson Guerrier
Keywords: Physical Science, non-renewable energy, renewable energy, energy sources, environment


The Chemistry of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: Physical Science, physics vocabulary, physics, Science, chemis, Chemistry, engineering, electricity, electric circuits, Electrochemistry, electronics

Increasing Student Awareness of STEM Careers in High School Science

Stuart Surrey
Keywords: Physical Science, STEM Careers, Scientific inquiry, Robots, robotics, Science, career, Environmental Science


Understanding and Experiencing Electricity: Helping Students Understand the Process of Science through Electricity

Sharon Mastrobuoni
Keywords: Physical Science, insulators, scientific process, Science, conductors, elementary, electrical circuit, electricity

All That Glitters is Not Gold. Extending Scientific Thinking to Analyze Manufacturers’ Claims on Consumer Products

Naomi Mureria
Keywords: physics, Physical Science, High School, Scientific Method, Science, Biology, Consumer Power, Chemistry, Environmental Science


The Science Behind Art and Literature: How We Process What We See and Hear

Amanda Bridgeford
Keywords: poetry, physics, Physical Science