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The Chemistry of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

Author: Cristobal Carambo


Philadelphia High School for Girls

Year: 2014

Seminar: Robotics for Everyone!

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: chemis, Chemistry, electric circuits, electricity, Electrochemistry, electronics, engineering, Physical Science, physics, physics vocabulary, Science

School Subject(s): Chemistry, Physics, Science, Technology

Our society is ever more dependent on the use of electronic devices. Computers and “smart” cellular devices are indispensable components of every aspect of our lives. Young adults are increasingly able to use smart technologies in their everyday interactions, their studies, and their interconnection with their peers. Few, however, are aware of the science that has informed the creation of the electronic devices that are central to their lives. Neither are many aware of the areas of study that could lead to rewarding occupations in the many technological industries in our society. This unit study on the science and technology of semiconducting devices is meant to provide high school chemistry students a historical perspective on the development of the transistor and diode, as these devices are the essential components of the technology that is central to their lives.

The goal of this unit is to introduce high school students to the chemistry of the semiconducting materials used in the fabrication of diodes and transistors. The unit is meant to give students a conceptual and practical understanding of these devices through classroom instruction and laboratory activities. The unit will also explore the lives of the scientists, and engineers who discovered and perfected semiconducting technologies. The historical perspective on the development of these devices is meant to highlight the manner in which science, engineering, and mathematics converge in the creation of the technological advances.

Download Unit: Carambo-Cristobal-unit.pdf

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