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Environmental ScienceView by: Year | Seminar

Unit TitleAuthorYear

Seminar: Alternative Energy Systems: What is New Under the Sun?

Biofuels: An Alternative to Fossil Fuel

Stuart Surrey 2010
Keywords: fossil fuel, global warming, natural cycles

Driving Change: Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Galeet Cohen  2010
Keywords: alternative energy, alternative fuel, natural gas, technologies, vehicles

Renewable Resources: The Path To The Future

Troy J. Holiday 2010
Keywords: alternative energy, renewable resources

Global Warming in the City: Unit for the Greenhouse Effect

Deborah Smithey 2010
Keywords: city, global warming, greenhouse effect, public housing, subsidized housing

Energy Eaters and Energy Feeders

Nicole Haentjens Traore 2010
Keywords: alternative energy, energy, power

Seminar: Electronics from Toys to Tools: An Adventure for Future Engineers

Animal & Plant Electricity

Bruce S. Karpe 2015
Keywords: animal, cellular transmissions, electrical signal, electricity, environmental stimuli

Seminar: Environmental Humanities from the Tidal Schuylkill River

Lead Town Hall

Freda/Frankie Anderson 2019
Keywords: activism, environment, Health, social studies, STEM

Seminar: How Critical Elements Make Up our Modern World

Critical Metals and Their Real-World Applications

Ariel Coff 2021
Keywords: earth metals, mining, periodic table

Changing Technology for a Changing Climate: Knowledge is not always power, but power is rarely ignorant

Chloe Glynn 2021
Keywords: climate change, critical minerals, environment, fossil fuels, geopolitics, green technology, greenhouse gases, hands-on experiments, power, renewable energy, social media

The Museum of Gold

Kristin Nakaishi 2021
Keywords: economics, geology, gold, minerals, Sociology

Sustainable? Systemic Dis-illusions?

Maya Bhagat 2021
Keywords: critical metals, rare earth metals, sustainability, systems

Seminar: Is There Any Life in the Worlds Beyond Our Own?

Models on Earth and Space

Amatise Ponzo 2017
Keywords: Earth Science, listening, Reading, Space Science

Seminar: Lead & Health

Understanding the Importance of the Fourth Estate through the Lead Public Health Crisis

Alexander de Arana 2019
Keywords: Government, Health, lead

Keeping the Lead Out: Healthy Hydration at Home and at School

Cristobal Carambo 2019
Keywords: Chemistry, child development, environment, Health, health policies, lead, neurotoxin

Interpreting Data

Nicole Gasser 2019
Keywords: environment, Flint, Health, lead, math literacy, Michigan, Philadelphia Region

Lead: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Stephanie M Robinson 2019
Keywords: child development, Health, lead, lead paint, lead poisoning, paint

Living With Lead: Lessons for Environmental Justice and Citizenship

Ryann Rouse 2019
Keywords: analyzing informational texts, central theme, environmental citizenship, environmental justice, Flint, interpreting facts, lead, lead legislation, lead paint, lead poisoning, lead regulation, Philadelphia, research project, toxicity, toxins, water crisis

Lead Affects Our Lives and Our Learning

Charlette Walker 2019
Keywords: activism, Health, lead, research based, writing assignments

Concentrating on Solutions to Soil Lead Contamination at Home

Eual A. Phillips, Jr. 2019
Keywords: environment, ESD, Health, lead, lead contamination, lead poisoning, soil contamination

Seminar: Our Earth, A Fragile Home

A Cry from the Climate: The Glacier is Talking

Nichole Boyd 2016
Keywords: climate change, Earth Science, Environmental Science, glaciers, global warming, High School