Living With Lead: Lessons for Environmental Justice and Citizenship

Author: Ryann Rouse


Carver High School

Year: 2019

Seminar: Lead & Health

Grade Level: 8-9

Keywords: water crisis, analyzing informational texts, central theme, environmental citizenship, environmental justice, Flint, interpreting facts, lead, lead legislation, lead paint, lead poisoning, lead regulation, Philadelphia, research project, toxicity, toxins

School Subject(s): Science, Environmental Science, Health

The purpose of this unit will be to have students learn about the dangers of lead and its impact on health in order to inform their  knowledge and understanding of how lead and other environmental toxins affect the environments they live in and the health and overall well being of those who live in those physical locations. This curriculum unit is also designed to inform students about lead and toxin crises that are well publicized and not so well publicized. This unit aims to demonstrate that environmental justice is not a concept that is exclusive to a particular city or town such as Flint, Michigan, but that environmental injustices exist in communities, both large and small, urban and rural communities across the United States and the globe. This unit aims to inform students about the microcosm of environmental injustice with the hope of turning students into agents and advocates of environmental justice. This unit will educate students and lay the foundation for their newly cultivated roles as ambassadors in environmental citizenship.

Download Unit: Rouse-R.-19.05.06-abs-incl.pdf

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