Lead Affects Our Lives and Our Learning

Author: Charlette Walker


Tilden Middle School

Year: 2019

Seminar: Lead & Health

Grade Level: 5-8

Keywords: activism, Health, lead, research based, writing assignments

School Subject(s): English, Science, Environmental Science, Health

Children are natural activists when it comes to trying to get what they want. When they are passionate about a cause, they are actually quite persuasive. When it comes to motivating them in an academic setting, they are more prone to take a writing assignment seriously when the assignment is meaningful and relevant. Therefore, the object of this curriculum unit is to put tools in the hands of our children that will allow them to conduct their own research on the causes and effects of lead exposure, find creative ways to communicate the information that they acquire, and address their concerns to the relevant entities that can bring about change. The goal is to empower our youth to conduct their own research and risk assessments to determine the ways they may have been exposed to lead. They will write argumentative/persuasive letters and essays, and mail or deliver them to those who have the power to change the laws, enforce the current laws, make new laws, and address the problem in whatever way they can. They will create informational brochures, pamphlets, and multimedia presentations to share with their families, friends, and neighbors. 

This unit will go far beyond asking students to complete assignments simply to earn a grade. They will be encouraged to perform activities that will be life-altering for themselves, for those they care about, for children like themselves, and for the children of the future. They will learn skills that will not only serve them in their current class, but in future classes, and in life overall.  

In classrooms that are fully technology-based, all articles, graphics, graphic organizers, assignments, activities, etc. can be uploaded to Google classroom so that they can be accessed outside of the classroom as well. Also, the performance objectives, i.e. the photo journal, slides presentation, essays, etc. can be created in the Google suite.

Download Unit: Walker-C.-19.05.07-abs-incl.pdf

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