Interpreting Data

Author: Nicole Gasser


Science Leadership Academy

Year: 2019

Seminar: Lead & Health

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: environment, Flint, Health, lead, math literacy, Michigan, Philadelphia Region

School Subject(s): Math, Science, Environmental Science, Health

Lead in the environment has been an ongoing issue in the United States, as demonstrated recently by places like Flint, Michigan. Looking specifically at Philadelphia, many residents are unaware just how they are being affected by the lead that is present in the older homes and buildings. Through this curriculum unit, we will break down lead in the Philadelphia region by examining where we find it, who is the most susceptible to it, and what we can do to about it. This unit will be implemented through the statistical lense of not only examining and representing data, but also interpreting it to increase the mathematical literacy that many of our students are lacking. Exposure to this real world issue has many benefits for students. For one, it’ll help students to make connections to math as a “real-world” concept. It will also help students to gain a better understanding of what is going on around them so that they are empowered to make a true difference in their world

Download Unit: Gasser-N.-19.05.09.pdf

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