Concentrating on Solutions to Soil Lead Contamination at Home

Author: Eual A. Phillips, Jr.


Hill Freedman World Academy

Year: 2019

Seminar: Lead & Health

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: environment, ESD, Health, lead, lead contamination, lead poisoning, soil contamination

School Subject(s): Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Health

Soil contamination is prevalent in urban cities that have had a history of either high vehicle emissions during times of leaded gasoline consumption or lead-based manufacturing.  While there are laws and programs in place to monitor lead contamination of our water systems, there are significantly fewer programs regarding soil contamination.  This unit explores the topic of soil lead contamination by allowing students to investigate their home and neighborhood to determine their risk of lead exposure.  Students will learn how data is collected from soil via the topic of solution chemistry and will apply scientific principles to explore remedies to soil contamination and preventative methods to lower the risk of exposure in their homes.  Ultimately, students will be challenged to take responsibility for their learning by creating educational media to inform others in their neighborhood about potential soil lead exposure.  Overall, this unit gives opportunity for students to develop and apply scientific literacy and environmental consciousness as they learn how to calculate the concentration of chemicals in mixtures.

Download Unit: Phillips-E.-new.pdf

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