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How the Humanities and Social Sciences Address Today’s Political Divide

Alexander de Arana
Keywords: History, Humanities, identity politics, political divide, social sciences, social studies

Changing Technology for a Changing Climate: Knowledge is not always power, but power is rarely ignorant

Chloe Glynn
Keywords: climate change, critical minerals, environment, fossil fuels, geopolitics, green technology, greenhouse gases, hands-on experiments, power, renewable energy, social media


Making Philosophic Ideas Visible: Connecting the Age of Enlightenment and the French Revolution

Alexander de Arana
Keywords: Age of Enlightenment, Critical thinking, Foundations of Government, French Revolution, Political thought, Social Contract, social studies


Have You Ever Told That Story Before? Student Biographers Asking Important Life Questions, Preserving Memories and Writing History

Joyce Arnosky
Keywords: biography, elementary, language arts, social studies, writing

The Haitian Revolution and Governor General Toussaint Louverture: A Biography

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: High School, social studies


Why Isn’t Puerto Rico a State Yet?

Meagan C. Rubino
Keywords: American empire, American History, Empire, Puerto Rico


Whispering Rivers: Whatever Happened to the Indians of Pennsylvania?

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: American History, Historical Context, History, Native American, Native American History, Native American issues, Native Americans, Pennsylvania History, Political Activism, Political thought, political unrest


The Politics of Food: How the American Government Contributes to Public Health

Meagan C. Rubino
Keywords: Government, Health, Politics, public health


The African American and the Woman Suffrage Movement

Myrtle Bastien
Keywords: African American, African American women, class discrimination, disenfranchised, gender discrimination, High School, important struggle, partisan interests, racial discrimination, right to vote

The Media and Its Impact on Institutions of National Government

Stephanie R. Felder
Keywords: American Government, American political culture, Electronic Journalism, English political culture, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Magazines of Opinion, Media, political culture, public opinion, The Party Press, The Popular Press

Fashion Trends: A Reflection of Our Political Culture

Ardeth Gilmore
Keywords: 20th century, American Colonial period, American History, change, European history, fashion, fashion and politics, fashion fads, fashion trends, Industrial Revolution, major political events, political attitudes, political culture, postindustrial

The Intersections of Law and Health

Jordan Solomon
Keywords: American History, childhood health, Health, health legislation, law and health, legislation, persuasive writing, physical education, writing

From Little Rock to Philadelphia: A Look at School Desegregation

Alison McCartney
Keywords: Arkansas, Central High School, desegregation, little rock, Little Rock Nine, Philadelphia, racial inequalities, Research, school desegregation, Warriors Don't Cry

Early Abolitionists in Philadelphia

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: 8th grade, abolitionists, African American, anti-slavery, Colonial America, end to slavery, Philadelphia, Quakers

Civil Rights Era and the African American Experience: Investigating American History through a Literary Lens

Erin Swan-Potras
Keywords: 1950s, 1960s, African American figures, Alabama, American Civil Rights Movement, Birmingham, Children's March, Civil Rights Movement, commercialism, discrimination, Historical Context, Music, political context, segregation, social context, Technology, video

Why Do You Ask? An Introduction to Interview & Survey Methodology

Kate Reber
Keywords: 12th grade, Bradley Effect, election polls, Ex-Slaves, exploring bias in research, Graduation Project, interview, research based, research methodologies, research strategies, research topics, School of the Future, service-learning project, skill building, survey, West Philadelphia


The African, Caribbean and African American Cultural Connection

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: aesthetic values, African, African American, Black Atlantic, connect to Africa, cultural expression, dance, Food, interlinked groups, language, Music, pride, shared African background, shared awareness


The Life and Work of Dox Thrash: An Expression of Identity

Pamela Toller
Keywords: African American art, African American History, Art, cultural climate, Culture, Dox Thrash, History, political climate, social climate

Jim Crow and Apartheid: Walking hand in hand to the Promised Land

Stacia D. Parker
Keywords: African American History, America, Apartheid, Harlem Renaissance, political literature, South Africa, think globally