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Teaching African American Culture Through Cinema

Chanelle Harley
Keywords: film, History, community, African American culture, cinema, American History

How Can We Expect Them to Stand Up in a Crooked Room?

Regina Hastings
Keywords: film, communications, Reading, Sociology, writing, Pop culture, Media, cinema

The Ongoing Black Freedom Struggle: Expanding the Single Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Pearl Jonas
Keywords: film, Civil Rights Movement, History, American History

Police Free City: Writing Emancipatory Visionary Fiction

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Black Lives Matter, dark fantastic cycle, fantasy, fiction, Literature, Reading, science fiction, social studies, the Hunger Games, writing

A History of Philadelphia: Redlining and the Founding Ideals of Democracy

Alexander de Arana
Keywords: democracy, History, Philadelphia, social science

Lasting Effects of Slavery

Victor M. Pomales Jr.
Keywords: film, social studies, Slavery, African American History

Planting the Seeds of Responsibility and Growing Citizens

Alima McKnight
Keywords: African Americans, change, citizen, citizenship, Government, rights, society, voting

Establishing Inclusion and Belonging in a Globalized City

Amanda Fiegel
Keywords: belonging, brain drain, brain waste, care drain, city space, Culture, discrimination, globalization, Identity, immigration, Marxism, public and private spheres, push and pull factors, Social Identity Theory, spatial immobility, structural violence and, xenophobia

Heritage or Renewal: The Impacts of Gentrification

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: gentrification, heritage, local history, Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Studying Mexico City Through Many Layers

Meghan Agnew
Keywords: city systems, Mexico city, Mexico history

The City In History: Mastering Essential Research Skills

William Otto
Keywords: computer research, computer science, research skills

“Free To Be ME”

Charlene Jones
Keywords: abolitionist, bullying, by-stander, campaign, Middle School, Slavery, students, up-standers

Can the New Histories of Slavery Create Compassion In Youth

Donna Butler-Jones
Keywords: African American History, Black History month, Slavery

Welcome to America: Enslaved Diasporic and Indigenous People

Jeri Johnson, M.S. Ed., M.S. School Psychology
Keywords: Afircan American History, American History, indigenous people, Slavery

Slavery: A Tough Lesson to Learn

Margo Pinckney-Wilson
Keywords: diversity, poetry, Slavery

Forging A Connection: Releasing the Bondage of Internalized Oppression through Quality Social Studies Instruction

Sondra W. Gonzalez
Keywords: abolitionist, internalized racism. vacant esteem. ever-present anger. racial socialization, Slavery

The Dis-Connection of Our Roots

Stephanie M. Robinson
Keywords: roots, Slavery, African American History

From “We Shall Overcome” to “Black Lives Matter”: Learning from the Present, Building on the Past

Geoffrey Winikur
Keywords: feminist pedagogy, civil rights, collaborative learning, culturally responsive teaching, dialogic teaching, inquiry-based learning, Black Lives Matter, Black Art


Digital Passport: Exploring geography through folktales and digital storytelling

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: folktales, Geography, stories, storytelling

Borders and Doorways: Using Poetry of Constraint to Explore Boundaries and Possibilities

Sophia Renda
Keywords: English, History, poetry, us history