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The Ongoing Black Freedom Struggle: Expanding the Single Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Pearl Jonas
Keywords: History, film, American History, Civil Rights Movement

Teaching African American Culture Through Cinema

Chanelle Harley
Keywords: History, film, African American culture, American History, cinema, community

Welcome to America: Enslaved Diasporic and Indigenous People

Jeri Johnson, M.S. Ed., M.S. School Psychology
Keywords: indigenous people, Slavery, Afircan American History, American History


Rich or King “Founding” Fathers or Mothers’ Mythology

Samuel A. Reed, III
Keywords: king, mythology, founding fathers, Humanities, American History


Learning Through the Lens: How Hollywood Shapes the Way We View History

Andrea Ferentchak
Keywords: Media, History activity, Reading, American History, Creative Writing

Reds in Tinseltown: The Cold War, Hollywood, and Blacklisting

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: Media, Media Studies, Media Strategies, World War II, World politics, Propaganda, Pop culture, Politics, American History, Cinematography, Cold War, Entertainment industry


Jazz as Black History: Teaching African American History Through Musicology

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: Literature, Musicology, Music Studies, Music History, Jazz Studies, Grades 9-12, Jazz History, Jazz, World War II, Swing Music, The Jazz Age, The Harlem Renaissance, African American History, American History, Bebop


The Impact of the Haitian Revolution on 18th Century Philadelphia

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: literature of Haitian Revolution, Middle school social studies, Global Studies, Girondists, gens de couleur libres, French slaves in Philadelphia, French negroes in Philadelphia, free people of color, francophone, grands blancs, Haiti, Jacques Pierre Brissot, Haitian rebellion, high school history, Haitians in Philadelphia, Haitian Revolution, Sonthonax, Societie des Amis des Noir, Stephen Girard, small whites, world history, tenth grade African American History, ninth grade World History, Polverel, Philadelphia 18th century history, petty whites, petits blancs, slave uprising, Saint Domingue rebellion, Saint Domingue slave revolution, Saint Domingue refugees in Philadelphia, Saint Domingue civil war, Saint Dominguan slaves in Philadelphia, Exclusif, African American History, affranchise, American History, 18th century Philadelphia merchants, 18th century Philadelphia, eleventh grade American History, Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, Code Noir of 1685, big whites, class division in Saint Domingue

Why Isn’t Puerto Rico a State Yet?

Meagan C. Rubino
Keywords: Puerto Rico, American empire, American History, Empire

The Overreach of the American Empire in the War for Vietnam

Sydney Hunt Coffin
Keywords: Memorial Day, vietnam war, American empire, American History

The Panama Canal: Path to Global Destiny

Patrick Naughton
Keywords: Geography, Socratic Seminar, yellow fever, Panama Canal, Roosevelt, American History, Empire, engineering


The Seminole and African Collaboration: An Alliance for Survival

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: Zachary Taylor, Luis Fatio Pacheco, La Florida, John Caesar, Native American History, Micanopy, Mikasuki, Micconuppe, John Horse, Negro Fort Massacre, Geechee, Gullah, Francis L. Dade, First Battle of Withlacoochee, History, St. John Slave Revolt, St. Augustine, Wild Cat, Tuskegee, Thomas Sidney Jesup, Osceola, Seminoles, Seminole maroons, Seige of Camp Izard, Second Battle of Withlacoochee, runaway slaves, freedom fighters, Abraham, African American History, Alachua chief, American History, Destruction of St. John’s Sugar Plantations, Edmund P. Gaines, Duncan Clinch, Dade’s Massacre, Colonial Florida, Coacoochee, Black Seminoles, Ben Bruner, Andrew Jackson, Battle of Lockahatchee, Asi Yahola, Battle of Okeechobee, Battle of Wahoo Swamp, Battle at Jupiter Inlet, Battle at Hatcheelustee Creek

Whispering Rivers: Whatever Happened to the Indians of Pennsylvania?

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: Native American issues, Native American History, Native American, History, Historical Context, Native Americans, Political Activism, political unrest, Political thought, Pennsylvania History, American History


The Civil Rights Era

Richard P. Holmes
Keywords: civil rights era, civil rights, American History


“Can We All Get Along?” Evaluating Racism in the Media

Elisabeth R. Yucis
Keywords: Media, racism, American History

Liberty and Justice for (Not) All

Rita Sorrentino
Keywords: liberty, justice, Reconstruction, civil rights era, American History


Marcellus Shale: Finding Common Ground

Troy J. Holiday
Keywords: marcellus shale, geology, Environmental Science, American History

African American History as told through African American Music

Sue Christmas
Keywords: Media, Music, African American music, American History

Allegory and America: Analyzing the work of Virginia Lee Burton

Kate Reber
Keywords: literary devices, Virginia Lee Burton, American History


Encounters of the First Kind: Early U.S. and Middle East Relations

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: Middle East History, oil, American History