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Telling Stories and Making Connections Through Clay

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: Indigenous Pottery, storytelling, pottery, Pueblo, clay, Art

Weaving for Healing and Connection

Karen Rufino
Keywords: Hozhó, Native American, Diné, Spider Woman, weabing, tribe, Navajo, reservation

Changing Technology for a Changing Climate: Knowledge is not always power, but power is rarely ignorant

Chloe Glynn
Keywords: green technology, hands-on experiments, greenhouse gases, geopolitics, fossil fuels, social media, power, renewable energy, critical minerals, environment, climate change

Critical Interventions into the Single Story of Africa

Pearl Jonas
Keywords: Identity, narrative, Music, Culture, stereotypes, storytelling, perspective, project-based, Single story, Africa, African American History, Bias

A Geographical Analysis of Sites of African American History in Philadelphia

Hannah Zieve
Keywords: High School, Geography, social studies, project based learning, Research, African American History, anthropology


Lasting Effects of Slavery

Victor M. Pomales Jr.
Keywords: film, social studies, Slavery, African American History

The Ongoing Black Freedom Struggle: Expanding the Single Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Pearl Jonas
Keywords: History, film, American History, Civil Rights Movement

The Dis-Connection of Our Roots

Stephanie M. Robinson
Keywords: Slavery, roots, African American History

Forging A Connection: Releasing the Bondage of Internalized Oppression through Quality Social Studies Instruction

Sondra W. Gonzalez
Keywords: internalized racism. vacant esteem. ever-present anger. racial socialization, Slavery, abolitionist

Slavery: A Tough Lesson to Learn

Margo Pinckney-Wilson
Keywords: diversity, poetry, Slavery


Rich or King “Founding” Fathers or Mothers’ Mythology

Samuel A. Reed, III
Keywords: king, Humanities, mythology, founding fathers, American History


Learning Through the Lens: How Hollywood Shapes the Way We View History

Andrea Ferentchak
Keywords: History activity, Media, Creative Writing, Reading, American History


Jazz as Black History: Teaching African American History Through Musicology

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: Jazz Studies, Jazz History, Jazz, Musicology, Literature, Music Studies, Music History, Grades 9-12, World War II, The Jazz Age, The Harlem Renaissance, Swing Music, American History, African American History, Bebop


The Haitian Revolution and Governor General Toussaint Louverture: A Biography

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: High School, social studies


“Moving on Up”: The Causes and the Impact of the Great Migration on African Americans

Tonya R. Oniyama
Keywords: inquiry-based learning, eleventh grade, world history, The Great Migration, tenth grade, ninth grade, African American History

Why Isn’t Puerto Rico a State Yet?

Meagan C. Rubino
Keywords: Empire, Puerto Rico, American empire, American History


Whispering Rivers: Whatever Happened to the Indians of Pennsylvania?

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: History, Native American issues, Native American History, Native American, Historical Context, Native Americans, Pennsylvania History, political unrest, Political thought, Political Activism, American History

Influencing Environmental Policy with Real Data

Meagan C. Rubino
Keywords: legislation, History, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Science, Government

The Seminole and African Collaboration: An Alliance for Survival

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: Zachary Taylor, La Florida, John Horse, John Caesar, Native American History, Mikasuki, Micconuppe, Micanopy, Luis Fatio Pacheco, Edmund P. Gaines, Duncan Clinch, Destruction of St. John’s Sugar Plantations, Dade’s Massacre, History, Gullah, First Battle of Withlacoochee, Geechee, freedom fighters, Francis L. Dade, St. Augustine, St. John Slave Revolt, Thomas Sidney Jesup, Wild Cat, Tuskegee, Osceola, Negro Fort Massacre, runaway slaves, Seminoles, Seminole maroons, Seige of Camp Izard, Second Battle of Withlacoochee, American History, Alachua chief, Abraham, Colonial Florida, African American History, Ben Bruner, Asi Yahola, Battle at Jupiter Inlet, Battle of Lockahatchee, Battle of Okeechobee, Battle of Wahoo Swamp, Black Seminoles, Coacoochee, Battle at Hatcheelustee Creek, Andrew Jackson

Native American Music and Living Legends

Cynthia Cozette Lee
Keywords: Native American music, crossover, History, traditional, percussion instruments, contemporary, biographies