Dawning of A Sunrise

Author: Valerie Adams


John H. Taggart

Year: 2019

Seminar: Storytelling Traditions of South Asia and the Middle East

Grade Level: 3

Keywords: writing, multi-intelligence, think, storytelling, South Asia, short stories, share, Reading, poetry, Personal Identity, pair, narrative, Middle East, frame tale, frame story, folktales, fables, ELA, Drama, Critical thinking

School Subject(s): English, Literature

We all know about the Common Core Standards so for this unit I have includes the Narrative Writing Standards along with Reading Literacy, Speaking and Listening.  As an educator I see progress in many areas of learning, especially the rapid forward movement into technology and how it has advanced to the forefront of education. Let us not forget the act of physically writing, being creative and telling a story to entertain the people.  Let it not become a lost art. Creativity and imagination are peaking at high levels in the students so how do we keep the skill of writing blooming in the elementary students can sometimes be challenging.  This challenge needs to be addressed early on in the classroom.  In this curriculum unit I cover one aspect of narrative writing through the use of storytelling.  It was developed after attending the “Story Telling from the Middle East and Asia” seminar for five months at the University of Pennsylvania, and through readings, collaboration and hands-on research that focused of educating students to attain a love for reading, seeking ways to bring

Download Unit: Adams-V.-19.04.04.pdf

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