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Dawning of A Sunrise

Valerie Adams
Keywords: Critical thinking, Drama, ELA, fables, folktales, frame story, frame tale, Middle East, multi-intelligence, narrative, pair, Personal Identity, poetry, Reading, share, short stories, South Asia, storytelling, think, writing

Student Personal Stories: Another Step to Unleashing Lifelong Learning

Nora Karasanyi
Keywords: Animal Farm, Canterbury Tales, critical readers, critical writers, fables, frame story, lifelong learning, Middle East, motivation, personal frame stories., South East Asia

Tell Your Truth: Showing Your Story Through Symbols

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: Culture, Middle East, South Asia, stories, symbols, Visual Art


Film Literature of Middle Eastern Women: Explorations from Egypt, Iran, and Turkey

Bonnee Breese
Keywords: Egypt, Iran, Middle East, Technology, Turkey, United States, women, world history

Reading Persepolis: Defining and Redefining Culture, Gender and Genre

Tara Ann Carter
Keywords: gender, Iran, Middle East, Persepolis, women

Lessons from the Middle East: Using Technology for Protest and Political Activism

Zoelene Hill
Keywords: Middle East, Political Activism, Technology, women

Middle Eastern Women: Their Lives in Harems

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: harems, Middle East, Ottoman Empire, women

Gender and Law in the Middle East

Matthew Roy
Keywords: foreign affairs, gender, Middle East, women

Women Writers of the Modern Middle East

Elisabeth Raab Yucis
Keywords: Esther Raab, Middle East, Ottoman Palestine, women


Ancient To Modern: Hearing the Artistic voices of Iran

Cristina Hernandez
Keywords: Iran, Iranian Artists, Middle East

The American Veil: Media Inspired (Mis)Conceptualization of Muslim Women of the Middle East

Zoelene Hill
Keywords: mass media, Middle East, Muslim women

In and Out of Africa — Egypt, Sudan and the Influence of the Ottoman Empire

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: Egypt, Middle East, Sudan