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Dawning of A Sunrise

Valerie Adams
Keywords: Critical thinking, Drama, ELA, fables, folktales, frame story, frame tale, Middle East, multi-intelligence, narrative, pair, Personal Identity, poetry, Reading, share, short stories, South Asia, storytelling, think, writing


“I Even Encountered Myself”: Exploring Identity Development in Literature During the Middle School Years

Erin Bloom
Keywords: Identity, Literature, short stories

Fly Away North: African-American Short Stories of the Great Migration

Bonnee L. Breese
Keywords: Great Migration, short stories, US distinction, US migration

African American Short Stories: Author Studies for Elementary Level Students

Sue A. Christmas
Keywords: African American stories, Faith Ringgold, Jacqueline Woodson, Julius Lester, short stories

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: African American Short Stories in the Jazz Tradition

Sydney Hunt Coffin
Keywords: African American short stories, Jazz, short stories

Teaching American African Males Using Short Stories

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: African American males, African American short stories, short stories

Short Story Encounters: Pathos in Action in African-American Fiction

Stacia Parker
Keywords: African American fiction, pathos, short stories

Teaching Characterization and Metacognition using African-American Short Stories

Jessica L. Shupik
Keywords: African American short stories, metacognition, Recitatif, short stories

School Daze: Engagement Strategies for Middle School Readers

Joan Taylor
Keywords: African American short stories, cognitive strategies, reading strategies, short stories

Do You Know My Struggle? A Writing Unit Designed to Explore the Voices of Middle School Students

Michelle Todd
Keywords: external conflicts, internal conflicts, literacy, short stories


Harlem, Hughes, and Hip-Hop

Leslie Carlis
Keywords: 12th grade, acting, analyze, drama class, educational websites, graphic organizers, Harlem, Harlem Renaissance, hip-hop, Hughes, interpret, Langston Hughes, perform the production, power point presentations, public speaking, read, short stories, themes of poems, themes of short stories, videos