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Bearing Witness through Narration

Author: Karen J. Burrell


Mitchell Elementary School

Year: 2014

Seminar: Teaching the Holocaust: Bearing Witness

Grade Level: 1-4

Keywords: Holocaust, literacy, Literature, narration, stories, writing

School Subject(s): English, Writing

Writing is an important part of the literacy component of the core curriculum. Students are expected to be able to express competency through written means in all subject areas. Building writing skills is an important part of the instructional process. This curriculum unit was created to encourage students to expand their writing and write more creatively in order to express feelings and tell stories. This curriculum unit will provide writing activities that will enhance writing through personal narratives. Students will have opportunities to bear witness to personal experiences and trauma that may have occurred in their lives. Students will be able to bear witness by keeping a journal and diary of experiences that may have occurred in or outside of school. Students will be able to broaden and expand their personal narratives using various writing strategies covered in this unit. The overall goal for the unit is for students to become more expressive and creative with their writing while they are telling their stories.

Download Unit: Burrell-Karen-unit.pdf

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